Systems and Computer Engineering

Wireless connection on the Department network

Before attempting to connect to the SYSC wireless network please read this page.

The information provided is to give you information on connecting with the listed operating systems. The department of Systems and Computer Engineering offer no suport for connections to the SYSC-AP wireless network system.

At this time no technical support will be given with regards to connections, setup or configuration to the wireless network.

Requirements for connecting to the SYSC Wireless network

  • You must have an active account in the teaching labs (LABS Domain) or research labs (MSWIN Domain).
  • Your operating system should be fully updated with the latest operating system updates as well as having a functioning antivirus
  • System requirements for connecting to the LABS wireless network.

    Please keep in mind that wireless access requires the setup of the wirless system on your wireless device. If you experience problems please review the setup in the links at the bottom of this page.

  • Your wireless network adapter must have the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) set to DHCP to obtain an IP address
  • Users connecting to the wireless network are subject to all the same rules and regulations that govern the use of the wired undergraduate/research network.   All connections are logged.
  • Please understand that access to the wireless network is done as a courtesy only and access to the wireless network may be terminated at any time without notice or reason.
  • To connect to the wireless network users must have a valid, active LABS or MSWIN domain account.
  • The wireless network is restricted to students, staff and faculty of the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering only
  • The wireless access points may be interrupted at any time without warning. 
  • Wireless access points for the teaching network users are located at Minto 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Floors, ME42xx, 43xx and 44xx, AA5th Floor around AA508 lab. There is no coverage in the Canal building at this time

    NOTE:  Limited technical support will be given for the wireless network at this time. Connection information is fully documented in the links below

    Click one of the following links for information on connecting to the wireless network. (links will open in a new window)

    SSID: sysc-ap
    Security Type: WPA Enterprise
    Encription type: TKIP
    Authentication Method: PEAP
    Inner Link Security: MSCHAPv2
    Username: LABS DOMAIN or MSWIN DOMAIN\loginname i.e. LABS\my-sysc-undergraduate-account-student-username or MSWIN\my-sysc-graduate-account-username
    Password: your LABS or MSWIN domain password

    See links below for more details

    To connect with .... Windows XP
    To connect with .... Windows Vista, 7 and 8
    To connect with .... Linux

    MOTD Carleton SYSC