Systems and Computer Engineering

Lab Rules

Undergraduate labs of the department of Systems and Computer Engineering.

Please note that these rules and regulations may be updated or augmented at any time. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in a 48 hour account suspension or termination of your undergraduate account, at the discretion of the network administrator, regardless of conditions or situation.

Food is strictly forbidden in all lab environments. Drinks are permitted on the condition that the drink is not placed on or near the computer desks and the drink is in a spill proof, non breakable container and said container must be sealed when not in use. No connecting laptops or other types of devices to the "LABS" domain network. No tampering with any hardware in any way. No sitting on the computer desks. No placing of books, bags or clothing on the monitors or computer cases. No removing of paper from print stations for use as scrap paper. No sharing of your account. No use or installation of unauthorized or non-licensed software. No installation of unauthorized software or software packages on your M: drive (your home directory) No use of the SYSC facilities for purposes other than course related work

These rules are in place for your safety and the safety of others. Please abide by these rules.

By using the facilities of the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering you indicate your awareness of and consent to these terms and conditions of use.