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Here you will find information on the account activation process. Chances are that if you are reading this you will have already created an account if you have or have not created your account then read on.

To create an account on the undergraduate network ( LABS Domain ) you are required to be registered in a course that is currently running in the SYSC department and have a valid cmail user account. Login to the LABS domain as user "students" with password "students" and follow the prompts. If you choose to go directly to the account setup web page follow this link

The above link will open in a new window.

Once you have created or re-enabled your LABS Domain account using your cmail account, you will be able to login to the LABS domain. From this point on your cmail account and your LABS domain account are completely independent. For example, if you change the password on your cmail account the password on your LABS domain account will not be affected.

Account Activation FAQ

1.Why do I need a "LABS" domain account?
You will need a "LABS" account to use SYSC course application software, print assignments, and submit assignments electronically.
2.Who is entitled to a "LABS" Domain account?
Anyone registered in any SYSC department course will automatically be entitled to an account? All accounts will be generated by our Sys Admin staff using information from the course registration lists. For you to activate your account you must have an active "cmail" account.
3.Where do I get my "Carleton" (SYSC) account login information?
In any of the SYSC department Undergrad Computer Labs. These labs are located in rooms' MC6045, ME4233, ME4324, AA508, CB5109, CB5107.
4. How do I get my "LABS" Domain (SYSC) account login information?
Login to "students" as a logon name, and students as the password, and set the domain=LABS. This can be done from any computer on the 'LABS' domain. Information is available at the login screen. Follow the steps on the web page. You will be prompted to enter your cmail account username and password. After submitting this information, an account will be generated on the LABS Domain using your cmail account credentials.

NOTE: The initial password on a new "LABS" Domain account will be your cmail account password. If you are reactivating your account, your password will be the same as it was when you last used the account. If you are not able to log in or have forgotten your password you will have to come to the SYSC Technical support office to have your password reset. Please bring your student I.D. card.

Test your account out by logging into windows. Check you have access to your M: drive and to the P: drive. If you are unable to see these drives please contact technical support by using the problem reporting tool on the desktop.
5. What do I do Next?
For new accounts. LOGIN TO WINDOWS (on any LABS domain PC) USING YOUR "cmail" account credentials. You will be prompted to change your account password.

For existing accounts you need only login as you had in the previous term keeping in mind that the password for the LABS domain account will be the same as when you last used the account.

NOTE: Your account will not work for 'DOS', 'LINUX' OR 'if you try to map to your home directory from MC5050 or ME4377, ME4390' WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR PASSWORD.


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