Systems and Computer Engineering

Faculty and TA information

All accounts with the exception of faculty members accounts must be reactivate/reinitialize at the beginning of each term. Please pick from one of the following procedures.


Log onto any undergraduate computer using the username and password ‘students'

•  Once logged in follow the prompts and procedures
•  If you had classes in a previous term your account password will be the same as the last time you logged in.
•  If you are creating your account for the first time your password will be the same as your current carleton cmail account password.
•  Keep in mind that your carleton cmail account and your SYSC undergraduate account are completely separate. Once your undergraduate account has been created there is no reference or connections to the cmail account. This means that if you change your cmail account password or your SYSC undergraduate account password the other account will not be affected.
•  Once the process has completed log into your undergraduate account to finalize settings.


From any web browser on or off campus

•  Go to
•  On left side of the screen you will see Account Activation…
•  Click the Account Activation link to bring you to the account Activation page
•  Click ‘Create SYSC Undergraduate Domain Account' to start the account Activation process. •  The remaining steps will be the same as if you had logged into the LABS domain.