Systems and Computer Engineering


There are always questions about printing. What printing is available to students?

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Each student has 20 pages of free laser printing each week. Once a user's 20 page quota is used up, a user must wait until the following week to have access to free printing again. Quotas are reset every Sunday at midnight.

Each student will have access to AA508, ME4233, CB5109, and MC6045 laser printers, after which each student is responsible for their own printing. Please be responsible when printing. Log files of all users' printing are kept on the servers.

A script determines which PC the user is logged into at startup and sets the nearest laser printer as the default printer.

An accounting manager has been added to the workstations that will give users a balance on printing quotas. When printing users will be asked to confirm each print job.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRINTER NAME AND LOCATION WHERE YOU ARE SENDING YOUR PRINT JOBS. Default printer is the printer with the check mark next to the printer icon.

CCS has provided a pay-per-use (10cent-per-page) laser printing in rooms  ME4390 and MC5010. The name of this printer is "engqueue". Students can use the campus card payment system to pay for printing on this printer.

To access the pay printing .....

1. Send your print job to printer labeled "engqueue" 2. Go to the pay print station of your choice, either in ME4377, or MC5010. 3. Swipe your student card on the keyboard slot 4. Select your print job 5. Print

You can print to the "engqueue" from any computer on the LABS domain and can go to any Pharos print station to print your document.

NOTE: Printing quotas will not be adjusted during the term. When a quota runs out, the user is responsible for their own printing costs.