Windows XP Setup Procedures

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1. Open your wireless network connection properties dialog box on your system. Text Box:
2. Click add to create a new connection.
3. Enter the information as shown below.

Note: Network name will be sysc-ap.


Network name (SSID): sysc-ap

Network Authentication: WPA

Data Encryption: AES


4. Select authentication, click the EAP dropdown.

EAP type: Protected EAP (PEAP)

5. After you're done the above, click properties for EAP type and uncheck Validate server certificate
6. Next click Configure for Select Authentication Method. Uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and........
7. Setup is complete. Click "ok" on all the screens to finalize the changes.

8. Then your last ok will complete the setup and bring you back to your desktop.


Connecting to the Wireless Network

9. Next , view the available wireless networks and connect to sysc-ap.

10. Users will be prompted for a username, password and logon domain.  Use your LABS or MSWIN domain credentials.


Username: <Your undergrad or research username>

Password: <Your undergrad or research password>

Domain: LABS or MSWIN

Text Box:
Click ok to connect to the wireless access point. If you experience problems please look back over the setup and ensure that your Windows XP is fully patched and up to date as well as your TCP/IP is set to DHCP.

If you get the above login screen your wireless settings are configured correctly. If you do not get the above login screen recheck your settings.

If your system will not authenticate to the wireless you can try the following things.

  • Recheck all your settings
  • Log into a LABS domain computer to confirm your account works
  • Make sure the wireless signal is strong enough, generally 50% or higher

Remember no support will be given for wireless connection issues.




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