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The Project Materials

We are currently looking forward to providing you with all the project materials necessary on this page. However, the time we have been given to develop this website was rather limited. Please tune in for further updates as this project will be ongoing during the summer.


Take a look at the Intel and RadiSys websites for material pertaining to the IXA architecture and the RadiSys ENP-2611 IXP2400-based board.


We would like to thank:

  • Carleton University for providing us with the facilities and materials necessary to carry out this project. Most importantly, we would like to thank Dr. Gabriel Wainer for his patience and generosity.
  • The RadiSys team for assisting us with the ENP-2611
  • The MontaVista team for assisting us with MontaVista Previewkit.
  • Lennert Buytenhek for his patience and trouble-shooting expertise regarding the embedded Linux Kernel for the IXP2400.
  • And others that we might have disturbed while trying to fix our kernel problems.

Thankyou for your help and we hope to help the future students,

Nadeem Douba & Said Mohamed