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What do I need to get started?

The time we have spent configuring and hacking away at the RadiSys Embedded Network Processor (ENP) 2611 was quite substantial. There were numerous problems; some of these problems were due to inconsistencies found in the Intel and RadiSys manuals with regards to installation and configuration procedures. Others were due to the incompatibilities and minor differences between the IXDP2400 (a dual processor solution) and the IXP2400. Nevertheless, after weeks of kernel hacking and exchanging messages with some of the authorities in IXP2400 development, we were able to get this impressive board to work.

The following sections of this site are dedicated to the various operations that need to be performed in order to get the ENP-2611 up and running. Also, for your convenience, Said Mohamed has been kind enough to develop a set of manual pages for the CD++ API.

Software and Manuals?

Unfortunately, most of the materials needed for this project are proprietary and can only be found via the websites of their respective owners. It will be necessary for you to obtain copies of the "Intel IXA SDK v3.51", "RadiSys ENP SDK v3.0", and "RadiSys ENP SDK 4.0", in order to prepare yourself for the obstacles to come. The SDK's provide the tools, libraries, and documentation for the IXP2400. Most importantly, the SDK's provide a set of Programming Reference Manuals (PRMs) and Hardware Reference Manuals (HRMs) which will be extremely useful for the future. These manuals include:

  • the "Intel IXP2400/IXP2800 Network Processor Programmer's Reference Manual" (IXP2400_IXP2800_PRM.pdf), provided with the "Intel IXA SDK v3.51";
  • the "RadiSys ENP-2611 Hardware Reference" (007-01419-0000.ENP-2611.pdf), provided with the "RadiSys ENP SDK v4.0";

It will also be necessary to get a copy of "IXP2400/2800 Programming" by Erik J. Johnson and Aaron Kunze, published by "Intel Press". Although this book covers all the topics pertaining to microengine programming, it will be necessary to frequently reference the "Intel IXP2400/IXP2800 Network Processor Programmer's Reference" to understand the mechanics of the example code segments.


In order to efficiently develop our microengine applications it will be necessary to employ the following hardware appliances:

  • two PCs:
    • atleast one PC must have a free 32-bit PCI slot and a free RS-232 serial port;
    • both PC's must have a 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet Network Interface Card;
    • one PC running a Linux OS (preferably RedHat Fedora Core 3 Workstation);
    • one PC running Microsoft Windows NT (or XP) OS;
  • one 10BaseT/100BaseTX Hub and three RJ45 Ethernet cables;
  • last but not least, the ENP-2611 and it's accompanying serial cable;

The details of setting up the operating systems on each PC are fairly straight forward. If it's your first time installing a Linux OS, a setup guide by Stanton Finley is available for reference. The remaining sections will focus purely on the setup and configuration of the ENP-2611. Please ensure that the above requirements are met before proceeding.

Are you ready? Don't forget your ENP-2611!