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Real-time Embedded Systems Development Using the Model-Based Approach: CD++

Hello and welcome to our project's website. You might be asking yourself, what is this project about? What is CD++? This project is about a new methodology that is being adopted to develop real-time embedded systems. This methodology, formerly known as DEVS (Discreet EVent Systems), is a formalism which provides the framework to make real-time embedded systems development a much simpler task.

Imagine a future where you can develop your real-time system, simulate it, and then implement it as easy as 1-2-3. That future is near with CD++, a C++ implementation of the DEVS formalism. CD++ allows developers to model their real-time embedded systems using an object-oriented framework. Within this framework a developer can setup real-time parameters, such as device setup times and input/output ports, and construct simulated environments. The model can then be tested against user provided inputs and real-time deadlines.

Currently, the tool is only capable of simulation, but future efforts are leaning towards making it an embedded solution. So what was the first step towards the future? Implementing the CD++ toolkit on Intel's IXP2400! Read more...