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SCSC 2007: Accepted Submissions

A Cellular Automata Framework for Studying Expandable Traffic Flow Models
  Ourania Hatzi, Stephanos Thomas, Vassilis Dalakas, Mara Nikolaidou and Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos
A Co-Simulation Approach for Real-Time Transient Analysis of Electro-Thermal System Interactions on Board of Future All Electric Ships
  Timothy Chiochhio, Rodrigo Leonard, Yuko Work, Ruixian Fang, Michael Steurer, Antonello Monti, Jamil Khan, Juan Ordonz, Michael Sloderbeck and Stephen Woodruff
A Common M&S Credibility Criteria-set A Common M&S Credibility Criteria-set Supports Multiple Problem Domains
  Joe Hale, Bobby Hartway and Danny Thomas
A Cooperative Multi-agent System Simulation Model for Urban Traffic Intelligent Control
  XU JIN, Mhamed ITMI and Habib ABDULRAB
A cooperative problem-solving process in hierarchical organization.
  Waled ALSHABI, Srini Ramaswamy, Mhamed ITMI and Habib ABDULRAB
A cooperative problem-solving process in hierarchical organization.
  Waled ALSHABI, Srini Ramaswamy, Mhamed ITMI and Habib ABDULRAB
A Cosimulation Approach to Model-Based Design for Complex Power Electronics and Digital Control Systems
  Bradley Oraw, Vijay Choudhary and Raja Ayyanar
A Design Paradigm for Integrated Protection of Shipboard Power Systems
  Jimena Bastos, Yujie Zhang, Anurag Srivastava and Noel Schulz
A Discrete Cell Migration Model
  James Nutaro, Kara Kruse, Richard Ward, Elizabeth O’Quinn, Stacy Kirkpatrick, Deidra Mountain and Oscar Grandas
A Distributed Verification Approach For Modular Petri Nets
  Chiheb Ameur Abid and Belhassen Zouari
A Fexible Dynamic Structure DEVS Algorithm towards Real-Time Systems
  Hui Shang and Gabriel Wainer
A Formal Verification Approach for DEVS
  Hernan Dacharry and Norbert Giambiasi
A Formalization of Global Simulation Models for Continuous/Discrete Systems
  Luiza Gheorghe, Faouzi Bouchhima, Gabriela Nicolescu and Hanifa Boucheneb
A General Framework for Automated Physics-Based Reduced-Order Modeling of Electromechanical Systems
  Ali Davoudi and Patrick Chapman
A Graphical Variant Approach to Object-Oriented Modeling of Dynamic Systems
  Paul Kinnucan and Pieter Mosterman
A Multi model based architecture for Control and diagnosis of a green house
  Naamane aziz and MSIRDI Nacer
A Multi-Agent Simulation of Retail Management Practices
  Peer-Olaf Siebers, Uwe Aickelin, Helen Celia and Chris Clegg
A Multidiscipline and Multi-rate Modeling Framework for Planar Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell based Power-Conditioning System for Vehicular APU
  Sudip Mazumder
A Neurocomputational Model of the Role of Cholesterol in the Development Process of Alzheimer’s Disease
  Gizelle Kupac Vianna, Artur Emílio Reis and Luis Alfredo Carvalho
A New Design of the Bi-Directional Automated Guided Vehicle System
  Che-Fu Hsueh and Mei-Shiang Chang
A New Fault Location Method for Electric Power Grids
  W. Mack Grady, Mehrdad Vatani and Ari Arapostathis
A new scheme of robust image watermarking: “The double watermarking algorithm”
  Chokri CHEMAK and Mohamed Salim BOUHLEL
A New Simple Formulation of Workflow Patterns
  Kun Guo
A Partitioning Approach for the Parallel Simulation of Ungrounded Shipboard Power Systems using Kron’s Diakoptics and Loop Analysis
  Fabian M. Uriarte and Karen L. Butler-Purry
A PEBB-based Direct-Link Drive for Open-Ended AC Machines
  Apurva Somani, Ranjan Gupta, Satish Thuta, Krushna Mohapatra and Ned Mohan
A Programming Environment for Multi Agent Simulation Based on Graph Representation
  Gou Hatakeyama, Keishi Kimura, Masanori Akiyoshi and Norihisa Komoda
A Qualitative Evaluation of Technologies and Techniques for Data Collection on Pedestrians and Crowded Situations
  Stefania Bandini, Mizar Luca Federici and Sara Manzoni
A real-time interface simulator for operator’s training: a proposed architecture
  Charles SANTONI, Jean-Marc MERCANTINI, Maria Fatima VIEIRA TURNELL, Alexandre SCAICO and José ALVES
A Simulation Architecture for Manufacturing Interoperability Testing
  Charles McLean, Sanjay Jain, Frank Riddick and Tina Lee
A Simulation Learning Approach to Training First Responders for Radiological Emergencies
  Robert Sanders and Graham Rhodes
A slicing algorithm of point cloud for Rapid Prototyping
A Standardized Simulation and Real Time Hardware in the Loop Simulation Procedure for Power Electronics and Power Systems Research
  Lewei Qian, David Cartes and Siyu Leng
A Stochastic Particle-Based Biological System Simulator
  Laurier Boulianne, Michel Dumontier and Warren J. Gross
ABCmod: A Conceptual Modelling Framework for Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
  Gilbert Arbez and Louis Birta
Accuracy Evaluation in Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) Simulation
  Wei Ren, Mischa Steurer and Stephen Woodruff
Activity-based Optimization of Cooperative Development Processes in Chemical Engineering
  Bernhard Kausch, Morten Grandt and Christopher M. Schlick
Agent-based Simulation of Group-Task Interaction in Knowledge Team
  Jiang WU and Bin HU
Agent-directed Simulation Systems Engineering
  Levent Yilmaz and Tuncer Oren
Agents with Personality: Human Operator Assistants
  Dr. Robert Woodley, Michael Gosnell, Dr. Jennie Gallimore and Dr. Sasanka Prabhala
Algebraic Software Analysis and Embedded Simulation of a Driving Robot
  Leon Merkx, Pieter Cuijpers and Hans-Martin Duringhof
An Analysis Approach to Large-Scale Vehicular Network Simulations
  Kalyan Perumalla and Martin Beckerman
An Analysis of Semiconductor Reticle Management Using Discrete Event Simulation
  P.J. Byrne
An Improved Replacement Algorithm in fault-tolerant meshes
  Maryam Sadrmousavi and saina jalili
An Integrated FDEA-PCA method as Decision Making Model and Computer Simulation for System Optimization
  Ali Azadeh, Mona Anvari and Hamidreza Izadbakhsh
An intelligent flour field cellular automation model for pedestrian dynamics
  Ekaterina Kirik and Tat'yana Yurgel'yan
An Open Issue on Applying Sharing Modeling Patterns in DEVS
  Olivier Dalle and Gabriel Wainer
Analyzing A Drum-Buffer-Rope Scheduling System Executability Through Simulation
  Servet HASGUL and Zuhal KARTAL
Application of A Multi-Criteria Simulation Optimization Based DSS
  ali azadeh, farid ghaderi, azadeh dabbaghi and mariam dehghan
Application of Autonomic Agents for Global Information Grid Management and Security
  Donald Cox, Youssif Al-Nashif and Salim Hariri
Behavioral modeling and simulation for heterogeneous design applied to aerospatial inertial microinstrumentation development
  Carles Ferrer
BetaWB: modelling and simulating biological processes
  Lorenzo Dematte', Corrado Priami and Alessandro Romanel
Building Computer Models from Small Pieces
  Ken Kahn
Carrier-Based Control of Matrix Converter in Linear and Over-Modulation Modes
Characterization of the Transient Behavior of an AC/DC Conversion System for a Notional All-Electric Ship Simulation Using Sequential Experimental Design Methodology
  James Langston, Michael Steurer, Thomas Baldwin, Steven Woodruff, Michael Andrus and James Simpson
Combined Simulation Modeling Using Simplified Discrete Event Simulation Approach – A Mining Case Study
  Ming Lu, Sze Chun Lau and Kit-Yu, Evan Chan
Compiled Low-Level Virtual Instruction Set Simulation and Profiling for Code Partitioning and ASIP-Synthesis in Hardware/Software Co-Design
  Carsten Gremzow
Computational Simulation of Electromigration Induced Degradation in Electronics Copper Interconnects
  Cemal Basaran, Minghui Lin and Shidong Li
Concurrent Evolution Of Models, And Multidisciplinary Simulation From a CAD Model
  Chahé Adourian and Hans Vangheluwe
Conflict Management in PDEVS: An Experience in Modelling and Simulation of Time Petri Nets
  Franco Cicirelli, Angelo Furfaro and Libero Nigro
Construction Planning Methodology Integrating Operations Simulation and Four Dimensional Computer Aided Design (4D-CAD)
  Ming Lu, Yang Zhang and Jian-Ping Zhang
Controller Agent Approach for solving DCSP
DAG-Guided Parallel Asynchronous Variational Integrators with Super-Elements
  Jen-Chih Huang, Xiangmin Jiao, Richard Richard M. Fujimoto and Hongyuan Zha
Damage Mechanics Modeling of Concurrent Thermal and Vibration Loading On Electronics Packaging
  Cemal Basaran, Juan Gomez, Minghui Lin and Shidong Li
Decoupling of Natural Systems in Multi-Rate Parallel Simulations
  Rodrigo Leonard and Roger Dougal
Design and analysis of Web-based Inventory Control System for E-Commerce
  Lim Lyheng
Design and Implementation of Data Distribution Management in IEEE 1516 HLA/RTI
  Jung Hyun Ahn, Jae Hyun Kim and Tag Gon Kim
Design and Implementation of Time Management Service for IEEE 1516 HLA/RTI
  Jeong Hee Hong, Jae Hyun Kim and Tag Gon Kim
Developing A Geographic Information System for Flood Emergency Logistics Planning
  Mei-Shaing Chang and Che-Fu Hsueh
Development of a Prototype Model for Civilian Occupational Group Projections
  Adrian Erkelens, Stan Isbrandt and Fariya Syed
DEVS-Based Simulation Web Services for Net-centric T&E
  Saurabh Mittal, Jose L. Risco and Bernard P. Zeigler
Dissecting network motifs by identifying promoter features that govern differential gene expression
  Oscar Harari and Igor Zwir
Distributed Simulation using the Virtual Test Bed and its Real-Time Extension
  Jimena L Bastos, Jian Wu, Noel N Schulz, Rong Liu and Antonello Monti
Domain Driven Modeling for Simulation of Software Architectures
  Andrew Ferayorni and Hessam Sarjoughian
  Averill Cate Jr, Darius Semmens, D. Phillip Guertin and David Goodrich
eCD++: an engine for executing DEVS models in embedded platforms
  Gabriel Wainer and Henry Yu
Efficacy of Modeling & Simulation in Defense Life Cycle Engineering
  Don Cox and Salim Hariri
Embedding DEVS Methodology in CBD Process for Development of War Game Simulators
  Jung H. Kim, Tag G. Kim and JinLip Jeong
Ergonomic and Work Methods Optimization in a Three Dimensional Virtual Environment
  Giuseppe De Sensi, Francesco Longo and Giovanni Mirabelli
Estimating Soil Erosion Using the USPED Model and Consecutive Remotely Sensed Land Cover Observations
  Jinxun Liu, Shuguang Liu, Larry Tieszen and Mingshi Chen
Exploring the linearity of models on the basis of ranked data
  Leon Bobrowski and Ralph Huntsinger
Force on Force Simulation That Provides Facility Stability Analysis
  Joe Lake and Robert Sanders
From a Multi-agent Simulation Theory to GALATEA
  Jacinto Dávila, Mayerlin Uzcátegui and Kay Tucci
From Empirical Data to Mathematical Model: Using Population Dynamics to Characterize Insurgencies
  John Sokolowski and Catherine Banks
From simulation to hardware testing: a low cost platform for Power Hardware in the Loop experiments
  Antonello Monti, Salvatore D'Arco, Aalhad Deshmukh, Yuko Work and Antonio Lentini
Genetic Network Construction using Static and Dynamic Models
  Cristina Rubio-Escudero, Oscar Cordón and Igor Zwir
Hardware in the Loop Simulation of Distance Relay Using RTDS
  Chenfeng Zhang, Vamsi K Vijapurapu, Anurag K Srivastava, Jimena Bastos, Noel N Schulz and Rudi Wierckx
Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms Designed Based on Properties of Optimal Algorithm for Soft Real-Time Tasks
  Arezou Mohammadi and Selim Akl
Hierarchical Modeling of Mode-Switching Systems
  James E. Weimer and Bruce H. Krogh
High-Level Dynamic Resource Management for Distributed, Real-Time Embedded Systems
  Kurt Rohloff, Richard Schantz and Yarom Gabay
Hybrid Simulation on Qualitative and Quantitative Integrated Model using Monte Carlo Method
  Masaki Samejima, Keisuke Negoro, Masanori Akiyoshi, Norihisa Komoda and Koshichiro Mitsukuni
In System Emulation (ISE) of a Current Differential Back Up Protection Relay
  Jiee Tang, James Langston, Michael Sloderbeck and Peter McLaren
  Ali Azadeh and Zahra Faiz
Integration of Simulation and Fuzzy Multi Attribute Decision Making for Modeling and Assessment of Fuzzy Parameters
  Ali Azadeh and Maryam Seifoory
Interdependency Modeling and Emergency Response
  Donald Dudenhoeffer, May Permann, Steven Woolsey, Robert Timpany, Tony McDermott, Chuck Miller and Milos Manic
Introducing ICT Supported Education for Sustainable Rural Development in Ethiopia
  Berhanu Beyene, Dietmar P.F. Möller and Jochen Wittmann
Loading Studies for Power Transmission Line Models in the Presence of Non-Fundamental Frequencies
  Valentina Cecchi, Aaron St. Leger, Karen Miu and Chika Nwankpa
Lossless Static vs. Dynamic Reconfiguration of Interconnection Networks in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
  Daniel Lüdtke and Dietmar Tutsch
Low intensity conflicts modeling framework based on Dynamic hierarchical structure DEVS approach
  Lassaad BAATI, Claudia FRYDMAN, Norbert GIAMBIASI and Mamadou SECK
Macroscopic Pedestrian Flow Simulation for Designing Crowd Control Measures in Public Transport after Special Events
  Dietmar Bauer, Stefan Seer and Norbert Braendle
Magnetic field reconstruction in Electric Machines: A novel approach towards modeling of electric motor drives
  BABAK FAHIMI and Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Managing Trade-Offs in Call Center Agent Scheduling: Methodology and Case Study
  Robert Saltzman and Vijay Mehrotra
Microarray analysis reveals CC Chemokine CCL-1 responsive gene expression in human HeLa Cells
  Lauren Tal, Diane Huang, Niloufar Haque and Nasreen Haque
Migrating to a Real-Time Distributed Parallel Simulator Architecture
  Bernardt Duvenhage and Derrick Kourie
Mirrored Arbiter Architecture-- A Network Architecture for Large Scale Multiplayer Games
  Lan Yang and Peerapong Sutinrerk
Model-Based Data Engineering: Preparing a Paradigm Shift towards Self-Organizing Information Exchange
  Andreas Tolk, Saikou Diallo and Charles Turnitsa
Modeling and Simulation for Condition Based Maintenance: A Case Study in Navy Ship Application
  Li Liu, David Cartes and Jabid Quiroga
Modeling and Simulation in Analyzing Geological Repositories for High Level Nuclear Waste
  Dietmar P. F. Möller
Modeling and Simulation of Electric Ships' Power System Components and their Interaction
  A. Ouroua, J.R. Jackson, J.H. Beno, R.C. Thompson and E. Schroeder
Modeling and Simulation of Individual User Behavior for Building Performance Predictions
  Gerhard Zimmermann
Modeling and Simulation of IRES - Engagement during the process of mRNA Translation in Cells infected with Hepatitis C Virus
  Isaac Barjis, Ajmal Zemmar, Faisal Mohammad and Fakhreldin A. Sabel Sabel
Modeling and simulation of the Dynamic Control of a Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Single DC Source for Induction Motor Drive Application
  Sardis Azongha and Hui Li
Modeling and Simulation of the Thermal and Psychrometric Transient Response of All Electric Ships, Internal Compartments and Cabinets
  Jose Vargas, Juan Ordonez and Rob Hovsapian
Modeling Considerations in Static and Dynamic Voltage Stability Studies of Shipboard Power Systems
  Minglan Lin, Anurag K Srivastava and Noel N Schulz
Modeling of Power Electronics for Simulation Based Analysis of Power Systems
  Sebastian Rosado, Rolando Burgos, Sara Ahmed, Fred Wang and Dushan Boroyevich
  Drew Hamilton, Richard Chapman and David Umphress
Modeling, Verification, and Implementation of PLC Program using Timed-MPSG
  Devinder Thapa, Sang Chal Park, Chang Mok Park and Gi-Nam Wang
Multi-formalism Modelling and Model Transformation for the Design of Reactive Systems
  Thomas Huining Feng, Miriam Zia and Hans Vangheluwe
Multi-Rate Real-Time Simulation Techniques
  Dale Word, John J. Zenor, Richard Bednar, Roy E. Crosbie and Narain G. Hingorani
Network Modeling for Distributed Simulations of Unbalanced Power Systems
  Michael Kleinberg, Karen Miu and Chika Nwankpa
Network Reconfiguration of Distributed Controlled Homogenous Power Inverter Network using Composite Lyapunov Function Based Reachability Bound
  Sudip Mazumder
New design and simulation of the GDEVS abstraction of an integrator
  Jean Claude Carmona and Norbert Giambiasi
Novel approaches to the prediction of CpG islands and their methylation status
  Christopher Previti, Oscar Harari, Igor Zwir and Coral del Val
Numerical Simulation of Airflow and Pollutants in Aircraft Cabins
  Jalal Abedi
Objective-driven DEVS Modeling Using OPI Matrix for Performance Evaluation of Discrete Event Systems
  Tag Gon Kim and Chang Ho Sung
Ontology for Disaster Mitigation and Planning
  Hemant Joshi, Remzi Seker, Coskun Bayrak, Srini Ramaswamy and Jeffrey Connelly
Open-End Winding Induction Motor Driven With Indirect Matrix Converter For Common-Mode Elimination
  Krushna Mohapatra and Mohan Ned
Open-Ended Three-Phase Drive With Matrix Converters For Common-Mode Elimination With Deadband Compensation
  Krushna Mohapatra and Ned Mohan
Optimization of An Ecosystem Model Through the Assimilation of Eddy Flux Observations Using Smoothed Ensemble Kalman Filter
  Mingshi Chen, Shuguang Liu and larry L. Tieszen
Optimizing Model Interoperability in Parallel Discrete Event Simulation for Cluster Environment
  Yaocheng Zhang, Ge Li and Kedi Huang
Optimizing Soft Subsystems of Regions by Agent Controlled Simulation
  Andras Javor and Attila Fur
Performance Evaluation: Running DSR and TORA Routing Protocols Concurrently
  Suhair Amer and Drew Hamilton
Petri Net based Description and Modeling of Metabolic Pathway
  Isaac Barjis and Vijay Gehlot
Power System Load Modeling in Virtual Test Bed
  Jian Wu, Noel Schulz and Wenzhong Gao
Practical Use of Components in Agro-Ecological Simulation
  Frits K. van Evert, Peter A. Leffelaar, Marco Acutis, Myriam Adam, Frank Ewert, Herman van Keulen and Patrizia Trevisiol
Predicting Business Cycle Turning Points with Neural Networks in an Information-Poor Economy
  George Nasr, Ghassan Dibeh and Antoine Achkar
Process-oriented simulation for mixed-model assembly lines
  lorenzo tiacci and stefano saetta
Radial Basis Networks for the Simulation of Stand Alone AC Generators During No-Break Power Transfer
  A.A. Arkadan, Y. Abou-Samra and Z.H. Ramadan
  Ioannis Giannopoulos, Ourania Hatzi, Mara Nikolaidou and Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos
Realization of A Generalized Modeling Method for Ungrounded Power Systems in Matlab/Simulink
  Li Qi, Karen Butler-Purry and Stephen Woodruff
Refinement of the Virtual Intermodal Transportation System (VITS) and Adoption for Metropolitan Area Traffic Simulation
  Jochen Wittmann, Johannes Göbel, Dietmar Möller and Bernard Schroer
Robust neural networks using the Radial Basis Function and the Counter Propagation compared with a trained Fuzzy Model
  Ralf Wieland, Wilfried Mirschel and Stephan Wirth
Robust Stability and Performance Analysis using Polynomial Chaos Theory
  Anton Smith, Antonello Monti and Ferdinanda Ponci
Safety, Security and Logistics - The Role of Networks and Simulation in Planning for the Next Healthcare Disaster
  Joseph Rosen and David Sargent
SCA Approach to Micro-Scale Modelization of Paradigmatic Emergent Crowd Behaviors
  Stefania Bandini, Mizar Luca Federici and Sara Manzoni
Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  J. Martin Leo Manickam and Bhuvaneswari R
Simulating and Evaluating the Impact of RFID on Warehousing Operations: a case study
  Angeliki Karagiannaki, Ioannis Mourtos and Katerina Pramatari
Simulating Magnetic Storage Elements: Implementation of the Micromagnetic Model into MATLAB - Case Study for Standardizing Simulation Environments
  Markus Bolte, Massoud Najafi, Guido Meier and Dietmar Möller
Simulating Power Semiconductor Devices Using Variable Model Levels
  Enrico Santi, Liqing Lu, Zhyiang Chen, Jerry Hudgins and Alan Mantooth
Simulation as an Intuition Building Tool For Factory Physics
  José Arturo González Gómez
Simulation of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV): A Multi-Rate Simulation
  John J. Zenor, Richard Bednar, Dale Word, Roy E. Crosbie, Narian G. Hingorani, Euan McGookin and Roger Dougal
Simulation to Evaluate Several Critical Factors Effecting Manufacturing
  Bernard Schroer, Gregory Harris and Dietmar Moeller
Simulation-Based Design of Protection Schemes for Shipboard Power Systems
  Mesut Baran, Nikhil Mahajan and Sercan Teleke
Simulink based Hardware-Software Codesign Flow for Heterogeneous MPSoC
  Katalin Popovici and Ahmed Amine Jerraya
Specifying, Detecting and Analysing Emergent Behaviours in Multi-Level Agent-Based Simulations
  Chih-Chun Chen, Sylvia Nagl and Christopher Clack
Stability of Multi-Rate Simulation Algorithms
  Richard Bednar and Roy E. Crosbie
State-Oriented Programming for TinyOS
  Siarhei Smolau and Ronald Beaubrun
Strain energy change due to an atomic defect in solder alloy lattice
  Cemal Basaran, Michael Sellers, David Kofke and Andrew Schultz
Supporting Personalised Simulations: A Pedagogic Support Framework For Modelling And Composing Adaptive Dialectic Simulations
  Conor Gaffney
Synthesizing agent interactions through the concept of conversation
  Tiana Ralambondrainy and Rémy Courdier
  John Richardson
Testing of Multi-Rate Simulations Using the ESL Simulation Language
  John J. Zenor, John G. Pearce, Richard Bednar and Roy E. Crosbie
The Centrifugal Development of Artificial Agents: a research agenda
  Ana Sofia Esteves and Luís Miguel Botelho
The Importance of a Comprehensive and Integrative View of Modeling and Simulation
  Tuncer Oren
The Leading-Digit Procedure and Format for Displaying Tables of Simulation Output
  Wheyming Song, Bruce Schmeiser and Yi-chun Chen
The NASA Standard for Models and Simulations
  Martin Steele
The OSA Project: an Example of Component Based Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Simulation
  Olivier Dalle
Time Management in a Service-Oriented Architecture for Distributed Simulation on the Grid
  Yong Wang, Stephen John Turner, Wentong Cai and Xinjun Chen
Towards A COTS-Based Service-Oriented Simulation Architecture
  Tswen-Juh Gu, Nei-Wei Lo and Wei-Ning Yang
Towards Standards For Integrated Gaming And Simulation For Incident Management
  Sanjay Jain, Charles McLean and Tina Lee
Transformation of Live Sequence Charts to Colored Petri Nets
  Boleslaw Mikolajczak and Binsan Khadka
Uncertainty decomposition in environmental modelling and mapping
  Alessandro Fasso', Michela Cameletti and Pancrazio Bertaccini
Understanding Electric-Ship System Behavior Through Large-Scale Simulation
  Stephen Woodruff
Use of Simulation for The Prevention of Environmental Problems
  Vincenzo Duraccio, Domenico Falcone, Alessandro Silvestri and Gianpaolo Di Bona
USE_eNET Transatlantic e-Learning Network: Follow-up Report
  Dietmar P.F. Möller, Hamid Vakilzadian and Roy E. Crosbie
Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for Real Time Flood Forecasting, the Omo River Case in Southern Ethiopia
  Lulseged Ayalew, Dietmar P.F. Möller and Gerhard Reik2
Using LSCs for Scenario Authoring in Tactical Simulators
  Yoram Atir and David Harel
Validation of Agent Based Reconfiguration Scheme Using Modeling and Simulation Approach
  Kai Huang, Sanjeev Srivastava and David Cartes
Variable Model Levels for Power Semiconductor Devices
  Enrico Santi, Jerry Hudgins and Alan Mantooth
Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) One Voice Unified, Common & Cross-Cutting
  Frank Schwartzenburg, Jennifer Park, Marcy Stutzman, William Oates, Donald Johnson, Michael Bailey and Simone Youngblood
Versatile Boxes: a Multi-Purpose Algebra of High-Level Petri nets
  Franck Pommereau
Virtual Prototyping as a Mechanism for Simulation-Based Design
  Roger Dougal, Blake Langland and Antonello Monti
Visualization of the simulation data of biochemical network models: a painted Petri net approach
  Simon Hardy and Pierre N. Robillard
VLE - A Multimodeling and Simulation Environment
  Gauthier Quesnel, Raphael Duboz, Eric Ramat and Mamadou Kaba Traoré
walking between free will and determinism
  armando bazzani, bruno giorgini, sandro rambaldi, marco brambilla and luca cattelani
Web-based Speed Control of Induction Motor With Inverter Dead-time Compensation
  Sheng Yang and Venkataramana Ajjarapu
XML Socket Server Applications as an Alternative for Simulation Interoperability
  Traian Nicula

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