The Fourth year Project titled "Building a Library for Parallel Simulation of Networking Protocols" is concerned with the need for a simulator that is capable of handling large networking simulations running over large simulation time spans, requiring a multitude of resources to achieve the desired state of accuracy.

the Project, being a preliminary step in creating such a tool, was more research focused. According to professor Wainer's advice the following prominent researchers in the field of parallel simulation where surveyed so as to assess recent advances in the field in parallel simulation.. 

Researcher name Topic
Richard Fujimoto 1. Experiences Parallelizing a Commercial Network Simulator

2. Generic Framework for Parallelization of Network Simulations

Philip Wilsey 1. Active Networks
David Nicol 1. A Mixed Abstraction Level Simulation Model of Large-Scale Internet Worm Infestations

2. Utility Analysis of Parallel Simulation

Another research was also conducted, this was to familiarize ourselves with current tools in the field of network simulation. the following surveys have been completed

Tool Case Research

The research conducted enabled us to make sound decisions when choosing the components the library would contain. the components chosen had to be able to perform simple simulations on their own, while being generic enough to allow for building of new components on top of them.

this is shown by the other documents produced through out the project, which are listed below

Document Link
Final project report (Fourth year Project report), also including a section on running CD++ (smaller size)
Running PCD++
IP survey
Routing Information Protocol

Project code can be found through here with all other samples of CD++/PCD++ models.

Contact information for all students who worked on the material displayed on this page is provided below

Student Contact Information Department
Mohamed Abd El-Salam 

Systems and Computer Engineering

Khalil Yonis  Systems and Computer Engineering
Abdul-Rahman Elsahfei  Electrical Engineering


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