Presentation Slides from the First International Workshop on Software and Performance

WOSP '98

Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 12-16, 1998


Tuesday Oct 13 Workshop Papers

1. 8.30 - 9.15 Workshop Welcome

Goals, and Planning of Sessions on the three "Issues":

ISSUE A (Integration): How to Achieve Integration of Methodology for Software Development and Performance Engineering

ISSUE B (Practice): Improving the State of Practice in Software Performance Engineering

ISSUE C (Research): Research Priorities in the Interface between Software and Performance

2. 9.15 - 10.30 Papers: Case Studies

Applying Performance Modelling to a Telecommunication System Christiane Shousha, Dorina Petriu (Carleton University, Canada), Anant Jalnapurkar, Kennedy Ngo (NORTEL, Canada).

Overview of 5ESS-2000 Switch Performance , Richard Singer (Lucent Technologies, USA).

Further Experiences with Software Performance Modelling Pete Utton and Gino Martin (British Telecom, UK).

Performance Evaluation of a Knowledge Discovery System , A. Inkeri Verkamo (University of Helsinki, Finland).

3. 11.00 - 12.00 Papers: Methodology 1

POEMS: End-to-end Performance Design of Large Parallel Adaptive Computational Systems , Ewa Deelman, Aditya Dube, Adolfy Hoisie, Yong Luo, Richard Oliver, David Sundaram-Stukel, Harvey Wasserman, Vikram S. Adve, Rajive Bagrodia, James C. Browne, Elias Houstis, Olaf Lubeck, John Rice, Patricia Teller, Mary K. Vernon (University of Wisconsin, USA), (AND many more affiliations).

A Wideband Approach to Integrating Performance Prediction into a Software Design Environment , Murray Woodside, Curtis Hrischuk (Carleton University, Canada), Bran Selic, Stefan Bayarov (ObjecTime, Canada).

Software Performance Engineering a Digital Signal Processing Application , David P. Kelly and Robert S. Oshana (Raytheon Systems Company, USA).

4. 1.30 - 2.30 Papers: Methodology 2

Performance Analysis of Communication Systems Formally Specified in SDL , Martin Steppler (Aachen University of Technology, Germany).

On a Language Based Method for Software Performance Engineering of Client/Server Systems , Daniel A. Menasce, Hassan Gomaa, (George Mason University, USA).

Modeling Execution Architecture of Software Systems by Colored Petri Nets , Jianli Xu, Juha Kuusela, (Nokia Research Center, Finland).

Issues in Cache Management for Commercial Software Systems , Prabuddha Biswas (Oracle Corporation, USA).

5. 4.00 - 5.30 ISSUE A (Integration), Session 1:

Integration of Methodology for Software Development and Performance Engineering, Workshop Session on Recommendations (first of three on Issue A: Identify problems and opportunities, open discussion).

6. 8.30 - 10.00 Papers: Practices in Software and Performance

Avoiding the Software Performance Crisis , Mary R. Hesselgrave (Lucent Technologies, USA).

Performance Testing of Software Systems , Filippos I. Vokolos and Elaine J. Weyuker (AT&T Labs, USA).

Experience in Performance Analysis of Large Real-Time Systems , Vesa Hirvisalo (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland).

Applications Optimization Methodology- An Approach , Deb Manhardt (Banc One Services Corp, USA).

7. 10.30 - 11.45 ISSUE B (Practice), Session 1:

Improving the State of Practice in Software Performance Engineering

Workshop Session on Recommendations (First of three sessions on Issue B: open the discussion)

8. 1.30 - 3.00 Papers: Performance Models of Software

Performance Modeling of Layered Networking Protocol Software Implemented with UNIX STREAMS Facilities: Application to a Frame Relay Network Access Device , Adrian E. Conway (GTE Internetworking, USA).

A Multi-Layer Client-Server Queueing Network Model with Synchronous and A synchronous Messages , S. Ramesh and H. G. Perros (North Carolina State University, USA).

Performance of Multi-level Client-Server Systems with Parallel Service Operations , Greg Franks, Murray Woodside (Carleton University, Canada).

9. 3.30 - 5.00 Papers: Methodology 3

Managing Performance Requirements for Information Systems , Brian A. Nixon (University of Toronto, Canada).

Predicting Memory Use from a Class Diagram using Dynamic Information , Gail C. Murphy and Ekaterina Saenko (University of British Columbia, Canada).

Development and Validation of a Hierarchical Memory Model Incorporating CPU- and Memory-Operation Overlap , Yong Luo, Olaf M. Lubeck, Harvey Wasserman, Federico Bassetti, and Kirk W. Cameron (Los Alamos National Lab, USA).

10. 5.00 - 6.00 ISSUE A, Session 2

Integration of Methodology for Software Development and Performance Engineering

Workshop Session on Recommendations (second of three sessions on Issue A: formulate recommendations to be discussed on Friday)

11. 8.30 - 10.00 Papers: Architecture and Performance

Performance Evaluation of Software Architectures , Lloyd G. Williams (Software Engineering Research, Boulder) and Connie U. Smith (Performance Engineering Services, Santa Fe).

An Approach to Performance Evaluation of Software Architectures , S. Balsamo (Univ. di Udine, Italy), P. Inverardi (Univ. dell'Aqila, Italy), C. Mangano (Univ. di Pisa, Italy).

Performance-Oriented Software Architecture Analysis: an Experience Report , Chung-Horng Lung, Anant Jalnapurkar, Asham El-Rayess (NORTEL, Canada).

Characterising the Performance of Three Architectural Styles , Jan Bosch and Hakan Grahn (University of Karalskrona Ronneby, Sweeden).

12. 10.30 - 11.45 ISSUE B (Practice), session 2

Improving the State of Practice in Software Performance Engineering. Workshop Session on Recommendations (second of three sessions on Issue B: formulate recommendations to be discussed on Friday).

13. 1.30 - 3.00 Papers: Performance and Workload Measurement

Capacity planning with phased workloads , E.Borowsky, R.Golding, P.Jacobson, A.Merchant, L.Schreier, M.Spasojevic, and J.Wilkes (Hewlett Packard Labs, USA).

<\A HREF = "slides/konkinslides.eps"> Exploiting Software Interfaces for Performance Measurement , Douglas P. Konkin (PMC-Sierra, Inc.), Gregory M. Oster, and Richard B. Bunt (University of Saskatchewan, Canada).

Correlating Resource Demand Information with ARM Data for Application Services J. Rolia (Carleton University, Canada) and V. Vetland (Telenor, Norway).

14. 3.30 - 5.30 ISSUE C (Research), session 1

Research Priorities in the Interface between Software and Performance (single session on Issue C to formulate recommendations to be discussed on Friday).


General Chair: Connie U. Smith (Performance Engineering Services)

Program Co-Chairs: Murray Woodside (Carleton University), Paul Clements (SEI)

Tutorials Chair: Pankaj Garg (HP Labs)

Registration: Phillip. C. Howard (Applied Computer Research)

Treasurer: Thad Jennings (Tivoli Systems)

Publicity: Jerry Rolia (Carleton University)

Exhibits: Janet Butler (Writer and Editor)


Heinz Beilner, Univ. of Dortmund

Giovanni Chiola, Univ. of Genoa

Gianfranco Ciardo, William and Mary

Asit Dan, IBM Watson Research Center

Larry Dowdy, Vanderbilt Univ.

Rich Friedrich, Hewlett-Packard Labs

Pankaj Garg, Hewlett-Packard Labs

Carlo Ghezzi, Politecnico di Milano

Neil Gunther, Performance Dynamics Consulting

Guenter Haring, Univ. of Vienna

Peter Harrison, Imperial College

Ravi Iyer, Univ. of Illinois

Anant Jalnapurkar, NORTEL

Mark Klein, SEI

Paul Kogut, Lockheed-Martin

Doug Lea, SUNY

John Lehoczky, CMU

Daniel Menasce, George Mason Univ.

Al Mok, Univ. of Texas

Gerard Mezaros, Solution Frameworks

Richard Muntz, UCLA

Gail Murphy, UBC

Rob Nord, Siemens

Harry Perros, North Carolina State

Dorina Petriu, Carleton University

Bill Riddle, SEI

Bill Sanders, Univ. of Illinois

Ken Sevcik, Univ. of Toronto

Doug Schmidt, Univ. of Washington

Satish Tripathi, UC Riverside

Vidar Vetland, Norwegian Telecom

Lloyd Williams, Software Eng. Research

Dave Zubrow, SEI