Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

CITO Project


High-Level Design and Prototyping of Dynamic Agencies Project

Principal investigator R.J.A. Buhr

We are in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. The goal of this project is to perform fundamental research into understanding, designing and verifying dynamic agencies. Dynamic agencies are sets of collaborating agents, in a distributed environment, that dynamically coalesce, self organize, and then possibly dissolve. Their dynamic nature offers the prospect of systems that can incrementally and dynamically adapt to continually changing technology, user requirements, and environmental conditions. Although current technology allows such systems to be implemented, current design techniques are weak in providing the system understanding needed to get it right. This project is concerned with ways of solving this problem through a constructive approach that begins with a new way of visualizing dynamic agencies at a whole system level.
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Last modified: February 25, 1999