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The model’s organization is mainly based in the specification of the Integer Unit of the SPARC processor (Sun Microsystems). A basic instruction set was considered, based on the SPARC architecture, allowing to study the main features of this processor, analyzing features not existing in simpler processors. Several basic circuits were also implemented, allowing to build the computer by using them. At present, the Control Unit was implemented. You can develop software using GNU Macro Assembler for the SPARC processor, and the executable code generated will run in the simulator.

As part of this project, a group of students developed a emulator of the ATARI processor . This work obtained the 1st. prize in the 1999 undergraduate student contest in the Argentine Meeting on Informatics (JAIIO) .

The tool was tested exhaustively, and few bugs have been reported (mainly, the UDIV instruction is not working properly). The bugs were fixed.

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