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Cell Based Discrete-Event Simulation

Execution of several cellular models

In this pages you can see results obtained in several simulations of cellular models. You can find results of models such as particles movement, urban traffic, insect behaviors, environmental pollution, etc.

In order to be able to visualize the obtained results you can obtain a small program that it allows us to see in a graphic way the results obtained by the simulator. Press HERE to get the GrafLog tool

HERE you can obtain an extension to the GrafLog tool, which enables showing 3D graphics

The simulator used was CD++ (that can be obtained in these pages) and the models have been specified in the language accepted by this tool. The models have been developed by Javier Ameghino and Daniel Rodríguez during their Licenciatura (M.Sc.) Theses.

You can reach some previous works by PRESSING HERE.

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