10th DEVS Modeling and Simulation Ph.D. Dissertation Award

The DEVS Modeling and Simulation Ph.D. Dissertation Award has been created in order to recognize and reward the best Ph.D. Thesis related to the DEVS Modeling and Simulation formalism.

The objective of the award is to promote all aspects of the DEVS formalism, to encourage the application of fundamental research to applied work in industry, and to disseminate the work developed in both larger research centers and smaller laboratories. In addition, this award should stimulate and motivate young scientists by rewarding them, and to inform the DEVS community with excellent research.

A panel of academics and researchers will select one of the theses defended during the academic year to receive this award. The criteria considered by the jury to select the winners include the originality of the results, the originality of the field and the methods used, and the importance and impact of results.

The theses should be in English. If they're in a different language, the author should submit a 10-pages summary of the thesis and any related papers published (in English) to make easier the judging of the ideas by people in different parts of the world.

The theses must to have been defended between September 2019 and December 2020.

The awards ceremony will take place during TMS'21.

  • Chair: Claudia Frydman, Aix-Marseille University, France

Deadlines & Submission

  • The Ph.D. Award committee accepts Ph.D. manuscripts submitted as a PDF file through the Submission Management System Submission Management System. (in the submission site, please select to submit the PhD dissertation to “DEVS Ph.D. Dissertation Award” section).
  • The deadline is May 15th 2021.
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