EIDORS: Electrical Impedance Tomography and Diffuse Optical Tomography Reconstruction Software

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Project Goal

Provide free software algorithms for forward and inverse modelling for Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) and Diffusion based Optical Tomography, in medical and industrial settings, and to share data and promote collaboration between groups working these fields.

FEM model (left) and reconstructed image (centre) and sequence (right) from human shallow breathing


Getting Started

To try the EIDORS software, follow these steps:
  1. Download EIDORS :
    Release (1 June 2018): EIDORS 3.9.1, or EIDORS 3.9.1 with Netgen 5.3 (for windows 64 bit). Or Developer Version
    Optional ready-made FEM models: model_library (7 Jul 2012)
  2. Unzip the software in a directory such as /path/to/eidors(UNIX) or C:\path\to\eidors(Windows)
    (installation instructions for model_library are included in a README file)
  3. Download and install Netgen (Unless version with netgen installed. EIDORS will ask for the path to netgen when required)
  4. Start Matlab
  5. In the Matlab command window type: >>run /path/to/eidors/startup.m
    (windows >>run C:/path/to/eidors/startup.m)
  6. Try the Tutorials, or execute one of the sample programs in the /path/to/eidors/examples directory (such as compare_2d_algs(1))

Getting Help

For questions or help, search the [EIDORS-help] Mailing list. Email requests for help should be sent to eidors3d-help@lists.sourceforge.net. Sign up for eidors3d-help here.
Make sure your request answers the questions:
− What specifically did you do (so that it can be repeated)?
− What version of EIDORS and Matlab/OS are you using?
− What, specifically, did EIDORS do that you didn't what it to?
If you are a student, please state your full name, institution and department (or research group) and CC your supervisor on your emails.


EIDORS is licenced under the GNU General Public License (version 2 or 3). Users are free to use, modify, and distribute their modifications. However, we would be interested in keeping track of who is working with this code. If you make any interesting uses or modifications, please inform us and consider contributing it.

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