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Fall 2024

Carleton CodeuOttawa CodeCourse TitleInstructorCampusMode
BIOM 5010-OBMG 5112-FIntroduction to Biomedical EngineeringFenechuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5010-FBMG 5112-IFIntroduction to Biomedical EngineeringAdlerCarletonIn person
BIOM 5800-OBMG 6996-SBiomedical Engineering SeminarMarie-Ange JanvieruOttawaIn person
BIOM 6800-OBMG 9901-SBiomedical Engineering PhD SeminarMarie-Ange JanvieruOttawaIn person
BIOM 5100-OBMG 5103-FBiomedical InstrumentationBolicuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5106-OBMG 5109-A
/ ELG 7127-A
Advanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Sensory Systems and Signal Processing DajaniuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5106-PBMG 5109-F / MCG 5138-J / ELG 7113-FAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Robotic SurgeryAbbasuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5106-QBMG 5109-N / MCG 4190-PAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Introduction to BiophotonicsDovlouOttawaIn person
BIOM 5304-OBMG 5120-F / MCG 4153-A / MCG 5138-HAdvanced Topics in Biomechanics and Biomaterials: Biomechanics of MovementUchidauOttawaIn person
BIOM 5304-PBMG 5111-F / ELG 6131-AAdvanced Topics in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine: M-health, E-health and telemedicineAbbasuOttawaIn person / Online synchronous
BIOM 5101-FBMG 5104-IFBiological SignalsChanCarletonIn person
BIOM 5202-FBMG 5107-IFApplications in Biomedical Image ProcessingMostaço-GuidolinCarletonOnline synchronous lectures with in-person meetings
BIOM 5403-FBMG 5111-IFAdvanced Topics in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine: Data VisualizationRajabiyazdiCarletonIn person
BIOM 5405-FBMG 5305-IFPattern Classification and Experiment DesignGreenCarletonIn person

Winter 2025

Carleton CodeuOttawa CodeCourse TitleInstructorCampusMode
BIOM 5800-OBMG 6996-SBiomedical Engineering SeminarTBAuOttawaIn person
BIOM 6800-OBMG 9901-SBiomedical Engineering PhD SeminarTBAuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5106-HBMG 5109-H / MCG 5138-PAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Medical System Innovation and DesignAbbasuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5106-OBMG 5109-W / CHG 8304-WAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Biomaterials - Principles and ApplicationsCaouOttawaIn person
BIOM 5106-PBMG 5109-P / ELG 6131-PAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Medical Diagnostic EngineeringAbbasuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5106-QBMG 5319-W / MCG 4112-JIntroduction to MicrofluidicsFenechuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5300-OBMG 5300-WBiological and Engineering Materials LabrosseuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5403-OBMG 5110-W / ELG 6131-WAdvanced Topics in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine: Data Science for Biomedical EngineersAbbasuOttawaIn person
BIOM 5330-OBMG 5330-WElectromagnetic Fields and Biological SystemsHabashuOttawaIn person
BIOM5402BMG5304Interactive Networked Systems and TelemedicineLiuCarletonIn Person
BIOM 5200-WBMG 5105-IWMedical Imaging ModalitiesOnoCarletonIn person
BIOM 5302-WBMG 5302-IWBiofluid MechanicsMatildaCarletonIn person
BIOM 5406-WBMG 5113-IWClinical EngineeringTBACarletonIn person

Summer 2025

Carleton CodeuOttawa CodeCourse TitleInstructorCampusMode
BIOM5106BMG5109Advanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Reliability, Quality and Safety EngineeringTBAuOttawaTBD
BIOM5403BMG5111Advanced Topics in Medical Informatics: Intelligent Health InformaticsTBAuOttawaTBD
BIOM5801BMG5001Clinical Engineering InternshipN/A
BIOM5909THM7999MASc. ThesisN/A
BIOM6800THD9999Ph.D. ThesisN/A