Fall 2020

Carleton CodeuOttawa CodeCourse TitleInstructorCampus
BIOM5100 OBMG5103 FBiomedical InstrumentationBolicuOttawa
BIOM5106 OBMG5109 AAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Robotic SurgeryAbbasuOttawa
BIOM5106 PBMG5109 BAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Biomaterials Principles
and Applications
BIOM5106 QBMG5109 CAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Sensory Systems and
Signal Processing
BIOM5304 OBMG5110 AAdvanced Topics in Biomechanics and Biomaterials: Biomechanics of
BIOM5403 OBMG5111 FAdvanced Topics in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine: M-health,
E-health and telemedicine
BIOM5403 PBMG5111 AAdvanced Topics in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine: Molecular
Communications and Biological Nano-Networks
BIOM5010 FBMG5112 IF00Introduction to Biomedical EngineeringAdlerCarleton
BIOM5101 FBMG5104 IF00Biological SignalsWallaceCarleton
BIOM5800 FBMG6996 IF00Biomedical Engineering SeminarRajanCarleton
BIOM6800 FBMG9901 IF00Biomedical Engineering PhD SeminarRajanCarleton

Winter 2021

Carleton CodeuOttawa CodeCourse TitleInstructorCampus
BIOM5106 OBMG5109 MAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Medical Systems Innovation and DesignAbbasuOttawa
BIOM5300 OBMG5300 WBiological and Engineering MaterialsLabrosseuOttawa
BIOM5330 OBMG5330 WElectromagnetic Fields and Biological SystemsHabashuOttawa
BIOM 5106BMG5109 NAdvanced Topics in Medical Instrumentation: Introduction to BiophotonicsTBDuOttawa
BIOM5200 WBMG5105 IW00Medical Image ProcessingOnoCarleton
BIOM5202 WBMG5107 IW00Applications in Biomedical Image ProcessingGuidolinCarleton
BIOM5302 WBMG5302Biofluid MechanicsMatidaCarleton
BIOM5402 WBMG5304 IW00Interactive Networked Systems and TelemedicineLiuCarleton
BIOM5405 WBMG5305 IW00Pattern Classification and Experiment DesignContract Instructor Carleton
BIOM5406 WBMG5113 IW00Clinical EngineeringZakutneyCarleton
BIOM5800 WBMG6996 WBiomedical Engineering SeminarRajanCarleton
BIOM6800 WBMG9901 WBiomedical Engineering PhD SeminarRajanCarleton