4th Year Engineering Project
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"Carleton University Carpool System"

Project Description

Carleton University has well over 20,000 individuals (students and staff) that travel to campus. These individuals can walk, bike, take the city-bus or drive their car to campus. Walking and biking is at an obvious minimum during winter time, busing is not always convenient, and gas for driving is becoming expensive. If Carleton University was to implement a student and staff only Carpool System many benefits for students are found from expenses, convenience and social networking. Students will have a chance and reason to interact with students in other departments and get to know other students that live in the same area as they do. Sharing gas expense will help with the rising cost of gas and less air-pollution will be created when more people carpool into one car instead of many.

The Carleton University Carpool System is a online web application that allows students and staff members to carpool in a well controlled environment. Currently the system implements the current functions of other web applications seen on the Internet today and can handle many of the administrator's needs in controlling the system. The project is a continued project, where the first group put together many of the concepts and designs. This year we took the project from a working model to a real world web application implementing all the security required for the system and adding much more reasonable functionality. The technologies used in the system are the following: java servlets, javamail, MySQL database, and tomcat web server. A of the major achievements of the system was modulating the code better to allow for easier maintenance and upgrades.

Group Members
Andrew Lyn,  Lyn.Andrew@gmail.com and
Joey Deng, JoeyDeng@hotmail.com

Professor Gabriel Wainer