July 15-18, 2007

San Diego Marriot Mission Valley
San Diego, CA, USA

General Chair
Gabriel Wainer
Carleton University

Technical Program Chair
Hamid Vakilzadian
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

    Program Co-Chairs

Andreas Tolk

Old Dominion University


Levent Yilmaz

Auburn University

Local Arrangements Chair
Richard MacDonald
Ram Labs (USA)


Steve Branch

Bill Waite, Aegis


Treasurer & Local Arrangement

Steve Branch


Student Activities Chairs

Peter Kropf (University of Neuchatel)

Stephen Lombardi, Qi Liu. (Carleton University)


Awards Chair:
Mhamed Itmi, INSA Rouen

Sponsored by

The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
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2007 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'07)

Tracks and Workshops

SCSC’07 is focused on basic and applied research in modeling and simulation. Modeling and Simulation is a very critical area for supporting Research and Development as well as competitiveness worldwide; new technologies are enabling new use of M&S and increasing its impact in new areas; SCSC provides an International Forum for presenting the State of the Art in the International Simulation Community as well as the Effectiveness of Simulation Experiences in World Businesses. Several topical perspectives will serve to illuminate the evolution of the modeling and simulation community. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for researchers and governmental and industrial investigators to exchange ideas and discuss developments in this growing field.

All submissions will be reviewed based on the draft full paper and/or extended abstract. The best contributed paper will be given an award. A selected group of full papers will be published in the special issue of Simulation Journal (SCS).

Current List Tracks & Workshops

·         3D simulation and visualization

    Chairs: Sebastian Enrique, Electronic Arts Canada (Canada); Marc-Emmanuel Bellemare, LSIS (France)  ; Alejandro Troccoli, NVIDIA Corp. (USA).


·          Agent Directed Simulation

    Chairs: Tuncer Ören, SITE, University of Ottawa (Canada); Levent Yilmaz, Auburn University (USA).


·          Applications in Business, Management, Planning & Forecasting

    Chairs: Marina Massei, Liophant Simulation (Italy); Matteo Brandolini, BRB Studio (Italy); Pertti Broas, VTT (Finland)


·         At Man's Step: modeling and simulation of crowds and pedestrian behaviors

    Chairs: Stefania Bandini, Sara Manzoni. Universitá di Milano-Bicocca (Italy).


·          Bioinformatics / Biology

    Chairs: Isaac Barjis, New York City College of Technology (USA); Igor Zwir, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (USA).


·         Computational Modeling and Simulation of Embedded Systems

    Chairs: Gabriela Nicolescu, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Canada); Pieter Mosterman, The MathWorks, Inc. (USA).


·         Construction

    Chairs: Vineet Kamat, University of Michigan (USA); Amin Hammad, Concordia University (Canada).


·         DASD: Workshop on the Design, Analysis and Simulation of Distributed systems

    Chair: Dietmar Tutsch (Technical University Berlin, Germany); Co-Chairs: Peter Kropf (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland), Herwig Unger (University of Hagen, Germany).


·         DEVS Workshop

    Chairs: Mamadou K. Traoré, Université Blaise Pascal (France); Hans Vangheluwe, McGill University (Canada).


·         Education and Body of Knowledge

    Chairs: William V Tucker, Boeing Phantom Works (USA); Chell Roberts, Arizona State University (USA).


·         Emergency Simulation

    Chair: Francesco Longo, University of Calabria (Italy).


·          Environment, Agriculture and Ecology

    Chairs: Frits van Evert, PRI (Netherlands); Jon C. Cline, Case Western Reserve University (USA).


·         Information Assurance and Telecommunication Security

    Chairs: Ratan K. Guha, UCF (USA); Marwan Al-Akaidi, MISS De Montfort University (UK).


·         Inventory Control & Production Planning

    Chair: Stefano Saetta, University of Perugia (Italy).


·         Military Application & Simulation

    Chairs: Drew Hamilton, Auburn University (USA); Andreas Tolk, Old Dominion University (USA); Erik Esselaar, DRDC, Directorate Armoured Vehicle Project Management  (Canada).


·         MTSA: Methodology, Tools and Software Applications

    Chair: Ralph Huntsinger, Cal State Chico (USA).


·         Multimodal Transportation & Logistics

    Chairs: Dietmar Moeller, Univ. of Hamburg, Germany


·         Optimization of Logistic Systems Through Simulation

    Chairs: Miquel Angel Piera, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain.


·         Model-Based Specification and Simulation-Based Design and Procurement

    Chairs: Terry Ericsen, Office of Naval Research (USA).


·         Production & Manufacturing

    Chair: Edward Williams, University of Michigan (USA).


·         Self-Organised systems

    Chair: Luis Correia. University of Lisbon, (Portugal).


·         Simulation Tools Interfaces

    Chairs: Charles Santoni, LSIS (France); Fatima Vieira, Universidad de Campina Grande, (Brazil).


·         Student Paper Workshop

     Student Chairs: Stephen Lombardi, Qi Liu. (Carleton University); Academic Chair: P. Kropf (University of Neuchatel)


·         Workshop on Homeland Security

    Chairs: Joe Rosen, Darthmouth College (USA); Agostino Bruzzone, Liophant Simulation (Italy).


·         Workshop on R&D at the MISS Centers

    Chairs: András Jávor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary); Lou Birta, University of Ottawa (Canada).



A PDF version of the Call for Papers is available here.


Paper Submission Procedures

The conference committee will accept three types of papers submitted as a PDF file to the conference website (http://www.softconf.com/scs/SCSC07/) as listed below. Final version of all the papers MUST COMPLY with the SCS conference format. All the submitted papers will be peer reviewed with respect to their quality, originality and relevance. The authors of the accepted paper MUST register in advance for inclusion of their paper in the conference proceedings.

1.      Full manuscript: 8 pages in final conference format. In addition to publication in the conference proceedings, they will be considered for best paper award and for possible inclusion in a Special Issue of the Simulation Journal (SCS). Full papers will be published both in hard copy and CD-ROM.

2.      Work in Progress: Short papers up to 6 pages in final conference format. 

3.      Short Papers: Papers with industrial focus, military or government applications, and work-in-progress in abstract or short paper format.

Each paper must include the title, authors, affiliations, addresses, references and abstract for proper positioning in the conference. Only original papers, written in English, which have not been published previously elsewhere, will be accepted. Please indicate which conference topic is most appropriate. Notifications of acceptance status will be sent on April 15, 2007.

Please note that in case of acceptance, your final manuscript will need to be submitted electronically as a PDF file to the conference websiet by May 15, 2007 to guarantee inclusion in the conference CD and final program. Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the conference, present their work to their peers, transfer copyright, and pay a conference registration fee at the time their camera-ready paper is submitted. All papers will be included in the conference proceedings and archived in both the SCS digital library and the ACM Digital Library; Full Papers will be also printed in hard copy.

Key Dates

Submission of Full Papers


April 20th, 2007

Notification of Acceptance


May 25th, 2007

Final Camera-Ready Submission and Early Registration


June 22nd, 2007

Sponsored by The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
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