July 15-18, 2007

San Diego Marriot Mission Valley
San Diego, CA, USA


Organized By:
Gabriel Wainer
Carleton University


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Special Issue of the Simulation Journal: Best Papers of

2007 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'07)


SCSC’07 is focused on basic and applied research in modeling and simulation. Modeling and Simulation is a very critical area for supporting Research and Development as well as competitiveness worldwide; new technologies are enabling new use of M&S and increasing its impact in new areas; SCSC provides an International Forum for presenting the State of the Art in the International Simulation Community as well as the Effectiveness of Simulation Experiences in World Businesses. Several topical perspectives will serve to illuminate the evolution of the modeling and simulation community. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for researchers and governmental and industrial investigators to exchange ideas and discuss developments in this growing field.

Those submitting a Full Manuscript (8 pages in final conference format), will be considered for best paper award and for inclusion in a Special Issue of the Simulation Journal (SCS).

The full manuscripts will be reviewed by three members of the Program Committee. The top 10 papers will be invited to submit an extended version, which will get extra reviews. The papers receiving the Best Paper and the Best Student Paper Awards, and the three best papers after the final review will be included on this Special Issue.


The list of topics includes (but is not limited to):

M&S Methodologies


·         Agent Directed Simulation

·         Cellular Automata

·         DEVS

·         Distributed Interactive Simulation 

·         Experimental Design 

·         High Level Architecture 

·         Human Behavior Representation Techniques 

·         Human Factors 

·         Modeling and Simulation Languages 

·         Parallel and Distributed Modeling and Simulation 

·         Real Time Systems M&S Technology 

·         Simulation Life-Cycle Evolution 

·         Simulation Software Engineering 

·         System Dynamics Representation 

·         Verification, Validation, & Accreditation

·         Virtual Reality 

·         Visualization, Graphics and Animation 

·         Web-based Architectures and Implementation 

Industry & Business Practices

·         Collaboration Environments 

·         Simulation-based Acquisition 

·         Economics of Modeling & Simulation 

·         Education of the Modeling & Simulation Professional 

·         Information Systems 

·         Infrastructure Planning & Design 

·         Influences of Communications & Media 

·         Logistics 

·         Management Science 

·         Process Engineering 

·         Scheduling 

·         Standards 

M&S Applications


·         Adaptive Systems

·         Agriculture 

·         Artificial Life 

·         Artificial Neural Networks 

·         Bioinformatics 

·         Business

·         Crowds and Evacuation

·         Data Fusion

·         Embedded Systems 

·         Emergency Management

·         New Product Development 

·         Complexity, Complex Systems 

·         Ecological and Environmental Systems 

·         Electro-Mechanical Systems 

·         Electro-Optics 

·         Geophysical Systems 

·         Homeland Security

·         Manufacturing 

·         Marine Applications 

·         Materials Modeling and Simulation 

·         Medical Imaging

·         Military Systems 

·         Queueing Systems 

·         Real-Time Graphics

·         Robotics and Autonomous Systems 

·         Security and Emergency Planning

·         Synthetic Environment Representation 

·         System Dynamics 

·         Training Simulators 

·         Transportation and Traffic 

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