Prospective Graduate Students

I am looking for graduate students who are interested in my research areas. Please send me your detailed resumé and a statement of interest.

Past Students

PhD and Master students

Name Degree Co-supervision Thesis/Title Data
Simon Henault M.Sc Prof. Y. M. M. Antar Analysis and Optimization of a Compact Array of Wire Elements for Wideband Direction Finding in Tactical Electronic Warfare May 2006-2008
Soojeong Lee PostDoc Profs. H. Dajani, M. Bolic and V. Z. Groza Uncertainty in Blood Pressure Measurements 2010-2012
Mohamed Mabrouk Ph.D Prof. M. Bolic Signal Processing of UWB Radar Return Signals For Human Detection Behind Walls 2012-2014
Mohamad Forouzanfar PostDoc Prof. M. Bolic Heart and Breathing rate estimation using Doppler-based radar May 2014-Jan 2015
Isar Nejadgholi PostDoc Prof. M. Bolic Classi cation of activities using Doppler-based radar July 2015-June 2016

Undergraduate Students

Name Co-supervison Thesis/Title Date
Daanish Khan and Dragan Trifkovic Prof. A. D. C. Chan Biological Signal Processing using an FPGA 2007-2008
Wen-Yi Que, Ahmer Gulzar, Gurtej Sandhu and Denis Kutman Prof. A. D. C. Chan FPGA-based Implementation of Efficient Four-Quadrant Arctangent Functions 2006-2007
Mohamed Alhamwi, Arslan Haq, Idaf Joudeh, Xiaoke Lu - Remote PPG and Activity Monitoring via Android/Arduino 2015-2016
Landon Entwistle, Noel Lawan, Phil Grant, Yuxuan Zhao Prof. M. Bolic iOS/Android Application for E4 wristband 2015-2016
Yolina Petkova, Kavindi Ranasinghe, Shabiba Siddiq, Kevin Valade - Personal Multi-sensor Display 2015-2016
Kevin Rosengren, Nikola Neskovic, Ian Wong Prof. J. Green Google Glass for Chemical Invertory Tracking 2015-2016