Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP98)

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Oct. 12-16, 1998

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Conference will be in Ottawa, Canada, Sept. 17 - 20, 2000, with the call for papers in late March 2000.

Presentation slides from WOSP98

A Very Successful Workshop! The work is just beginning!

"Performance failure is the number one cause of software project failure", according to one participant, and the workshop addressed how to get performance under the control of the software developers. Discussion was enthusiastic and organized and led to a program of work towards a successor workshop next year. The 83 participants included a balance from industry and universities, from software engineering and performance, and an international mix from North Americal and Europe. They discussed how to capture performance requirements correctly (NOT "goes like the wind") and track them throughout the project, and the problems of integrating performance methodology into software engineering, of developing the practice, and of defining the research priorities, Despite its acknowledged importance this area has seen slow progress, because of the different cultures in software and in performance, the lack of recognized practices, and the immaturity of tools. The workshop encouraged all those present to hope that this group can now succeed. Working groups were set up to develop plans, approaches and data on many different topics, for next year's meeting; more details will be found at the conference web site Full reports on the discussions are being prepared. The proceedings are available from ACM (order number 488983).

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