What is Medical Informatics and Telemedicine?

Medical Informatics and Telemedicine includes issues associated with computing technologies in the health care system, medical databases, bioinformatics, and telemedicine. Topics include how healthcare systems are organized and operate, fundamental biophysical measurements and sensors, and medical management technologies. Topics also include the collection, storage, and retrieval of medical data, including database design and maintenance, data mining, and automated clinical decision support systems. Bioinformatics and computational biology deal with the analysis of data arising from biology and biochemistry including genomic, proteomic, and cellular data. Telemedicine includes remote delivery of health care and teleoperation, which encompass many areas of engineering including wireless access, remote patient monitoring, distributed databases, mobile computing systems, and cloud storage/computing.

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BIOM 5400 (BMG 5317)
Medical Computing
An introduction to information technology research used in the medically related fields such as biotechnology, cancer treatment, and biometric. Topics may include: medical imaging, telemedicine, telesurgery, DNA analysis, and medical information systems.

BIOM 5401 (BMG 5318)
Health Care Engineering
Health care system, technology management in health care in developed and developing countries; sensor technologies, safety considerations (EMI, etc); telemedicine applications; examples of research in biomedical engineering, bioethics, reliability, risk management and liability issues. Also listed as SYSC 5300 (ELG 6130).

BIOM 5402 (BMG 5304)
Interactive Networked Systems and Telemedicine
Telemanipulator; human motoring and sensory capabilities; typical interface devices; mathematical model of haptic interfaces; haptic rendering; stability and transparency; remote control schemes; time delay compensation; networking and real-time protocols, history and challenges of telemedicine; telemedicine applications: telesurgery, tele-monitoring, tele-diagnosis and tele-homecare.

BIOM 5403 (BMG 5403)
Advanced Topics in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine
Recent and advanced topics in medical informatics and telemedicine and its related areas.

BIOM 5405 (BMG 5305)
Pattern Classification and Experiment Design
Introduction to a variety of supervised and unsupervised pattern classification techniques with emphasis on correct application. Statistically rigorous experimental design and reporting of performance results. Case studies will be drawn from various fields including biomedical informatics.