What is the MSDN Academic Alliance?
The MSDN Academic Alliance is an annual membership program for departments that teach and utilize technology such as Computer Science, Engineering, and Information Systems departments The Department of Systems and Computer Engineering subscribes to this program.
How many copies of the software can I download?
You can only download one copy of the software. It is strongly recommended that you backup the software onto CD. Where available, download an ISO image of the software and burn the software on a CD. That way the software will be available should you need to re-format your hard disk. Re-install requests will be ignored. Alternatively you can order the actual MSDNAA CD's at the fraction of the cost of the retail price; ordering is done directly from the ELMS site.
What distribution methods are supported?
The MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center supports direct downloads and CD purchases. For the online purchase option, the end-users only pay for the CD and the shipping costs. You can now download an ISO image directly to your computer, either burn it or do a direct install.
Will I be able to install the software without burning a CD?
The direct downloads allow you to install the software directly to your harddisk - follow the installer instructions.
I have ordered software - where are my product keys?
Product keys will be e-mailed to the address you specified at the MSDN login,after you make they payment for the software.
How do I download the MSDNAA software?
You must be taking a Systems and Computer Engineering course (SYSC, BIOM or ECOR1606) AND have a cmail.carleton.ca ID to be able to download the software. You then log into the MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center. Select "Systems and Computer Engineering (SCE)" "Student Login" site. choose your software, download an installer, then download the software. Follow detailed instructions for more details.