Halim Yanikomeroglu
Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng.


Email: Halim.Yanikomeroglu@sce.carleton.ca
Tel: +1 613 520-5734
Fax: +1 613 520-5727
Office: Minto Case Building, Room 7032


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Research Interests: My interests span the overall systems architecture of wireless networks, as well as the physical, medium access, and networking layers, and the cross-layer aspects of wireless communications, including:

  • Aerial networks
  • 6G wireless networks, 5G wireless networks
  • Connected, autonomous, networked vehicles and UAVs
  • Radio access network (RAN) architecture
  • Relay/multihop/mesh networks, cooperative communications
  • Radio resource management, routing, scheduling
  • Distributed antenna systems, radio-over-fibre, HetNets
  • Antenna architectures, macro/microdiversity, MIMO
  • Multiple access, OFDMA, MAC
  • Advanced physical layer technologies
  • NOMA, SCMA, faster-than-Nyquist (FTN) signaling, ULLRC
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Cognitive radio, spectrum, opportunistic spectrum access
  • Interference modeling
  • User-in-the-loop in wireless networks


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