Algorithm Animations for
Practical Optimization: A Gentle Introduction

Animations are a good way of visualizing and understanding how algorithms work.  See below for a list of animations to accompany the online textbook Practical Optimization: a Gentle Introduction.

Note that this site is still under construction.  The server is running Microsoft IIS 6.0 under Windows XP.  Oddly, some of the animations freeze up when run on Windows machines (under various browsers), but seem to work fine on machines running Linux.  Animations that currently freeze under Windows are marked below.  This is an open-source site (you can download the source files), so if you have any suggestions as to how to overcome this problem, please get in touch [chinneck (at) sce (dot) carleton (dot) ca].

These animations were created by Kelly Kinahan and Jennifer Pryor.

Linear Programming:
Example 1: A Graphical Represention of a 2D Problem
Example 2: Finding Corner Points From a Graph
Example 3: Using a Simplex Tableau
Example 4: Finding the Optimum Point from a Two Phase Graph
Example 5: Two Phase Simplex Tableau
Example 6: Sensitivity Analysis

Example 1: Dijkstra's Algorithm for Shortest Route Problems
Example 2: Minimum Spanning Tree
Example 3: Maximum Flow/Minimum Cut Problem
Example 4: PERT for Project Planning and Scheduling

Integer Programming:
Example 1: Branch and Bound Method
Example 2: Balas Additive Algorithm for Binary Integer Programming
Example 3: Dakin's Algorithm for Mixed Integer LPs

Heuristics for Discrete Optimization:
Example 1: The Assignment Problem Using the Genetic Algorithm
Example 2: The Traveling Salesman Problem Using Simulated Annealing

Dynamic Programming:
Example 1: Dynamic Programming Problem [may freeze]

Nonlinear Programming: