Here you can download the complete N

General Information

  • GAD: as an initial work, GAD, a General Application Tool for DEVS Modelling and simulation was developed (A complete version of this work is analyzed in the following Technical Report).

  • Later, the GAD tool was extended, and the CD++ tool was developed. The CD++ tool allows to model and simulate DEVS and Cell-DEVS spaces. The tool is public domain and can be obtained in this site.

  • At present we have developed a Parallel version of the tool, allowing the user to run models in parallel in any environment with an MPI library. The tools are public domain and can be obtained in this site.

  • In this webpage you'll find models developed using the tool. You will be able to download all files including simulation results of those models, allowing to visualize them on-line using the Web-Based Graflog applet.

  • You can also download the manuals and samples from our repository.

    Further information, send an e-mail to: Gabriel Wainer . Webpages and applet developed by Ezequiel Glinsky and Juan Ignacio Cidre. Please send an e-mail if you find any errors in the applet or webpages.