- Carleton University -
4th Year Engineering Project 2005
EnviroSense is a device intended to assist people with hearing impairments in their daily lives, by alerting them of important sounds in their environment.  The system allows the user to store sounds that are specific to the individual.  The prototype has been implemented on a desktop or laptop computer, with a future goal of running it on a PDA, or some portable device, in conjunction with a DSP chip, so that it may be used anywhere the user goes.  The DSP chip would provide faster sound analysis than a PDA alone.  The prototype that was designed uses a microphone to obtain environmental sounds.  The computer analyzes the sounds and puts a warning box on the screen if an important sound is detected.  When a more portable version is implemented it will be worn on a belt, and the device will be connected to vibration motors that will be used to alert the user of sounds.
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Team members:

           Kevin Friesen

           Stephanie Cox

          Jason Prince

          Fernando Castro


          Gabriel Wainer
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