DEVSView simulation viewer



Project Involves:

  • CD++ simulation tool
  • OpenGL and GLUT


This page is dedicated to my fourth year project in the software engineering program at Carleton University. The objective of the project is to develop a simulation visualization tool for the CD++ simulation tool. The CD++ simulation tool enables simulating Discrete Event Systems (DEVS) models.

Version 1

Final Report: Report Final.doc

Performance Profile Document: Performance Evaluation.doc

This initial release is the culmination of my work on the tool over the last eight months.

This version provides:

  • Improved file system
  • Memory leak fixes, bug fixes, and code optimizations
  • Event animation system
  • More sample visualizations
  • .ma file importing

Demo 3

This demo extends the previous version with:

  • Better Camera system - move forward with 'w', move back with 's', move sideways with 'a' and 'd'
  • DEVS Model Visual State transition system.
  • Saving and Loading
  • Real-time animation system and controls

Demo 2

This demo extends the previous demo with:

  • Basic Camera System
    • left-click and drag to rotate camera
    • right-click to move camera forward
  • Basic Detail node system using Octtree scene database for efficient view culling
  • CELL-Devs model's detected in simulation log files and added to DEVS model list
  • Print out model list's, event list's and node lists
  • import the lifelog.log file to setup hardcoded visualization of the life model.


This demo shows the windowing system implemented for creating the CD++ simulation viewer. It is based on GLUT. The solution files are provided for Visual C++ 7.0. The executable is windows platform specific, as is the code. If the font class is replaced by a cross-platform implementation it should build on most other platforms supporting C++ and GLUT.