July 15-18, 2007

San Diego Marriot Mission Valley
San Diego, CA, USA


Organized By:
Gabriel Wainer
Carleton University


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2007 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'07)


OpEMCSS+EXTEND: Graphical Discrete Event Simulation Tool

Prof. John R. Clymer. Cal State Fullerton and Forell Enterprises, Inc.

OpEMCSS+EXTEND is a graphical Discrete Event Simulation (DES) library that enhances the popular commercial software tool, EXTEND, a product of Imagine That Inc. This library has the power of much more costly, general-purpose simulation products. OpEMCSS provides the ability to examine important elements in the problem space and to allow the formulation of alternative solution concepts. OpEMCSS facilitates unconventional "out-of-the-box" thinking to discover the underlying system problems and exploit the best alternatives in the solution space without focusing on a point design too soon. In order to simulate various operational scenarios, OpEMCSS includes blocks to model agent motion and spatial interactions, agent communication and knowledge sharing, and intelligent rule-based decision-making. 


Topic 1: Modeling Language Comparison, History of OpEM language, Basic OpEMCSS modeling blocks


Topic 2: Logic and Statistical Concepts for Simulation, Convergence, Sensitivity Analysis


Topic 3: How OpEMCSS Simulation Programs Work, Model Development Procedure


Topic 4: Feature Facts, Situational Universe, Decision Ambiguity, Crisp & Fuzzy Rules, Air Traffic Control Model


Topic 5: Intelligent Adaptive Systems, Intelligent Agents, Traffic Control System, Sonar Array System


John R. Clymer, Ph D., professor of electrical engineering, Cal State Fullerton; and scientist at Forell Enterprises, Inc., is a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering and founding member of the Applied Research Center for Systems Science at CSUF. He has extensive experience in aerospace engineering at Rockwell, Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon, and the Navy Norco Lab. Dr. Clymer's areas of expertise include computer engineering, system control, continuous systems simulation, operational analysis and DES simulation, optimization and mathematical programming, and artificial intelligence (fuzzy logic and control, neural networks, and expert systems). Dr. Clymer is widely known and published in the area of systems engineering.

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