July 15-18, 2007

San Diego Marriot Mission Valley
San Diego, CA, USA


Organized By:
Gabriel Wainer
Carleton University


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2007 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'07)


“Why Industry Should be Interested in Simulation”

Prof. Drew Hamilton, Auburn University. President, SCS.

There is good reason for industry to be interested in simulation.  That is the underlying rationale for SCS affiliating with an industrial association.  A simulation professional society focused only on academia is incomplete and leaves huge voids that will be filled by others.  As SCS finalizes its affiliation with the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), it is clear that SCS has a lot to offer.  SCS is the largest international group of simulation research scientists in the world.  NDIA is a private, non-profit industrial association that already hosts the largest industrial simulation group – the National Training Systems Association (NTSA).


But SCS lacks critical mass due to the other small, disparate simulation groups around the world.  Affiliating with NDIA will give SCS the strength, stability and critical mass to unite these disparate simulation groups and form an effective international society with the clout to advance the modeling and simulation discipline.   Affiliation merely means that NDIA will control our business; SCS will continue to have full control (including editorial control) of our conferences, journals and membership.  SCS will have the opportunity to improve our conferences, take our conferences to international destinations, expand our journals and take care of our members.  For SCS members, affiliation will mean that when you call SCS, someone will answer the phone, when you email SCS, someone will answer you.  Most importantly, whatever the benefits to SCS and its membership – affiliation with NDIA will be good for the larger modeling & simulation community.

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