Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Shikharesh Majumdar


  • Awards and Honors for Graduate Students

o       Singh, G., 2017 University Senate Medal.

o       Singh, G. Second Best Student Poster Award, Data Day 4 (Carleton University).

o       Biswas, A., Third Best Student Poster Award, Data Day 2 (Carleton University).

o       Lim, N., Ph.D, QEII Scholarship.

o       Biswas, Ph.D., QEII Scholarship.

o       Gregory, A., M.A.Sc.,  NSERC Scholarship.

o       Lim, N., M.A.Sc. , NSERC Scholarship.

o       Kapoor, N.K., Ph.D., OGSST Scholarship.

o       Lim, N., M.A.Sc., OGSST Scholarship.

o       Muhammad, A., PhD., OGSST Scholarship.

o       Kassim, A., 2008 University Senate Medal.

o       Muhammad, A., PhD., NSERC Scholarship.

o       Ahmad, I., Ph.D. OGSST Scholarship.

o       Ahmad, I., Ph.D. OGS Scholarship.

o       Farooq U., Ph.D. OGS Scholarship.

o       Asif, M., M.A.Sc., NSERC Scholarship.

o       Wu, W.-K., M.A.Sc., University Senate Medal.

o       Krishnamurthy , D., Ph.D., CMG Award, CITO Scholarship, OGSST Scholarship.

o       Abhari, A., Ph.D. Nortel Scholarship.

o       Huo, M.,  M.A.Sc., OGSST Scholarship.

o       Lin, C. .,  M.A.Sc., Ph.D., OGSST Scholarship.

o       Wang, Y., M.Sc., NSERC Scholarship.

o       Nadimpalli, S., M.Eng., CITO Scholarship.

o       Ahmad, I., M.Eng. Research, June 1999, Selection of Master’s thesis research for presentation in Nortel's GRIP'99 contest.

o       Diaconescu, L., NSERC Scholarship.

o       Zhang, X., M.Sc. thesis, May 1998 -- University Senate Medal.

o       Kwong, P., M. Eng. Thesis, September 1996 -- University Senate Medal

Thesis/Project Completed

o       Singh, G., MapReduce Based Parallel Motion Tracking Techniques for Video (M.A.Sc. Thesis) [Senate Medal]

o       Chakraborty, R., Priority Based Resource Scheduling Techniques for a Multitenant Stream Processing Platform (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Gregory, A., Energy Aware Resource Management for MapReduce Jobs (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Lim, N., Resource Management Techniques for Multi-Stage Jobs with Deadlines Running on Clouds (Ph.D. Thesis)

o       Rajashekaharan, Is Disk Scheduling at the Host Still Valuable? (M.Eng. Project)

o       Li, X. (Completed), Energy Aware Resource Management on Clouds (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Farrell, R. (Completed), Scheduling Advance Reservations with Priorities on Clouds (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Wang, L., NFC Sensor-Based Information Dissemination System (M.Eng. Project)

o       Nada, O., A Resource Allocation Tool for Datacentres (M.Eng. Project)

o       Phuong, H., Resource Management Middleware for Bridge Infrastructure Management (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Kanagasundaram, R., Performance of Web Services-Based Systems (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Asif, M., Application Partitioning on Moble Web Service-Based Systems (Ph.D. Thesis)

o       Cao, Y., XML Forwarding/Filtering (Ph.D. Thesis Co-supervisor)

o       Lim, N., Performance Optimization Techniques for Distributed Systems (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Thirukailayanathan, K., Techniques for Co-Scheduling on Grids (M.A.Sc. Thesis Co-supervisor), 2011.

o       Ahmad, I., Resource Management on Data Grids (Ph.D. Thesis), 2010.

o       Melendez, J.O., Matchmaking on Clouds (M.A.Sc. Thesis), 2010

o       Xie, X., Automated Threat Modelling (M.A.Sc.  Thesis Co-supervisor), March 2009

o       Dai, L.,  XML Filtering Techniques (M.A.Sc.  Thesis Co-supervisor), May 2009.

o       Huang, M., Caching on Distributed Web Services Registries (M.A.Sc.  Thesis Co-supervisor), March 2008.

o       Kassim, A., Distributed Web Services Registry (M.A.Sc.  Thesis Co-supervisor), January 2008 [Senate Medal].

o       Farooq, U., A Framework for Quality of Service Aware Resource Management in Multi-Institutional Grids (Ph.D. Thesis Co-supervisor), September 2007.

o       Awad, A., Achieving High Performance on Web-based J2EE Applications Servers, (M.A.Sc. Thesis), November 2006.

o       Kapoor, N., Resource Management on Computational Grids (M.A. Sc. Thesis Co-supervisor), November 2005.

o       Asif, M., Load Balancing on Call Server Clusters (M.A. Sc. Thesis), August 2005.

o       Wang, Y.  Scheduling Strategies for attaining statistical guarantees on QoS (M.Sc. Thesis), March 2004.

o       Krishnamurthy, D.,  Synthetic Workload Generation for Stress Testing Session-Based Systems (Ph.D. Thesis Co-supervisor), January 2004.

o       Wang, Q., Fair Share Scheduler for Computing and Telecommunication Systems (M.A.Sc. Thesis Co-supervisor), January 2004.

o       Wang, Y. Scheduling on E-Commerce Systems (M.A.Sc. Thesis), January 2004.

o       Huo M, High Performance Wireless CORBA-Based Systems (M.A.Sc. Thesis), September 2003.

o       Lin, C., CORBA Load Balancing in a Wireless CORBA-Based Environment (M.A.Sc. Thesis), August 2003.

o       Farooq, U., Performance Characterization of Publish/Subscribe Systems in a Wireless Environment with Mobile Clients (M.A. Sc. Thesis Co-supervisor), August 2003.

o       Abhari, A., Scalable Web Server Systems (Ph.D. Thesis, co-supervisor), August 2003.

o       Chen, Y., Scheduling on Web Servers (M. Sc. Thesis), January 2003.

o       Tao, W., Design Guidelines for Middleware-Based Telecommunication Systems (M.Sc. Thesis), April 2002.

    • Ahmad, I., Performance Enhancement Techniques for CORBA-Based Systems with Limited Heterogeneity (M.Eng. Thesis), January 2002.
    • Li, P., QoS Enabled E-commerce Systems (M.Sc. Thesis Cosupervisor), January 2002.
    • Wu, W. Flyover., A Technique for Performance Enhancements of CORBA-Based Systems with Limited Heterogeneity (M.Sc. Thesis), September 2001 [Senate Medal].
    • Qiao, Y., Controlling Shared Memory Contention on a Multiprocessor-Based Telephone Switch (M.Eng. Thesis), May 2001.
    • Liu, M., Scheduling Techniques for Controlling Shared Memory Contention in a Shared Memory Multiprocessor-Based Switch (M.Sc. Thesis), September 2000.
    • Chen, F., Parallel I/O Scheduling (M.Eng. Thesis), August 2000.
    • Nadimpalli, S., Parallel I/O Techniques for Web Server Systems (M.Eng. Thesis) [CITO Scholarship].
    • Shen, E.-K., Adaptive CORBA Complaint Middle ware Systems (M.Sc. Thesis), May 2000.
    • Verma, N., Controlling Shared Memory Contention on a multiprocessor-Based Telephone Switch (M.Eng. thesis), January 2000.
    • Yuan, X. Characterization of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Multiprocessor Operating Systems (M.Sc. Project), December 1998.
    • Shi, Y., Performance Characterization of Orbix, a Commercial Middleware System (M.Sc. Project), December 1998.
    • Hubbard, A., Performance Bounds for Queuing Networks with Simultaneous Resource Possession (M.Eng. thesis), May 1998.
    • Zhang, X., Tool for Allocation and Scheduling in real Time Systems (M.Sc. thesis), May 1998 [Senate Medal].
    • Diaconescu, L., Management of Parallel I/O (M.Eng. Thesis ), August 1997.
    • Abdul-Fatah I., Performance of CORBA-Based Client Server Systems (M.Eng.    Thesis), April 1997.
    • Kwong, P., Management of Parallel I/O in Multiprogrammed Parallel Systems (M.Eng. thesis), September 1996 [Senate medal]
    • Etemadi, R., End-to-End Scheduling on a Multiprogrammed Transputer Systems (Ph.D. thesis cosupervisor), May 1996.
    • Chan, Y.-N., Processor Scheduling on a Multiprogrammed Transputer System (M.Sc. thesis cosupervised with colleague from Dept. of Computer Science), May 1996.
    • Graham, W.C., (part-Time), Scheduling in Client Server Systems (M.Eng. thesis), May 1996.
    • Ramados, R., Intercal-Based Performance analysis of Distributed Processing Systems, (M.Eng. thesis), December 1995.
    • Lin, J., Approximate Analysis and Bounds for Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems, (M.Eng. thesis cosupervisor), January 1994.
    • Leung, Y., Processor Scheduling in Multiprogrammed Distributed Memory Systems, (Two term M.Eng. Project), December 1992.

Thesis/Project In Progress

o       Biswas, A., Auto-scaling Techniques for Cloud Environments with Service Level Agreements (Ph.D. Thesis)

o       Vbraski, M., Techniques for Complex Event Processing on Stream-Based Systems (Ph.D. Thesis)

o        Saatialsoruji, E., Resource Management on Platforms for Running Visual Analytics Applications (Ph.D. Thesis)

o        Ajila, T., A Dynamic Priority Based Resource Management Technique for a Spark             System Subjected to a Streaming Data Workload (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Singh, A., Hybrid Complex Event Processing Platform for Streaming IoT Data (M.A.Sc. Thesis)

o       Singh, J., Cloud-Based Secure Remote Access System (M.A.Sc. Thesis)



Completed Undergraduate Projects

o       Perryman, R., Shorrocks, C., Morris, J., Sensor-Based Access Control Systems, April 2017 (co-supervised with Prof. Lung).

o       Saeed, H., Shabka, M., Shouman, A., Elfar, M., Cloud Assisted NFC-Based Smart Restaurant Solution, April 2016 (co-supervised with Prof. Lung).

o       Cox, K., Wright, C., Support for Cooperative Preemption on the Spark Platform, April 2016.

o       Ngyuen, C. Ho, Nhat, Kipin, N., NFC Sensor and Cloud-Based Information Dissemination Systems, April 2015, (co-supervised with Prof. Lung).

o       Patil, T, Samay, I., Arounmati, T., NFC Sensor-Based Information Dissemination Systems, April, 2014 (co-supervised with Prof. Lung).

o        Gillespie, R., Kamil, A. Address Resolution in Large Layer 2 Networks, April 2012.

o       Truong, M., Meyer, Thatayaone, O., Gaming Grid, April 2010.

o       Lim, N., Novakov, S., Information Searching and Retrieval System, April 2009 (co-supervised with Prof. Lung)

o       Kane, B., Fournier, C., Mok, T., A Distributed Task Management System, April 2009.

o       Sivaraja, S. Thyagarajah, M., Piranavam, T., Content-Based Information Searching and Retrieval, April 2007 (co-supervised with Prof. Lung).

o       Frounchi, K., Chandrashekaran, P., Ibrahimi, J., A QoS Aware Replica Selection Framework for an Extranet, April 2006.

o       Skorupsi, P., A Tutorial Kit for Message Passing in Distributed Systems, April 2003.

o       Helm-Youngs, K., Load Distribution Strategies for Distributed Systems, April 2003.

o       Bock, P., Internet-Based Distribution of Remote Resources, April 2002.

o       Thurairasa, S., Tutorial Kit for Message Passing in Distributed Systems, April 2002.

o       Ward, J., Using Network RAM for Remote Memory Paging, April 2001.

    • Cameron, R., Load Distribution on a Network of Linux Workstations, April 2001.
    • Subrmanian, S., Performance Characterization of COTS Middleware, April 2000.
    • Ross, B., Load Balancing on a Network of Workstations, April 1999.
    • Pakiyananthan, R., A Web Based Publication Manager System for a Network Workstations, April 1999.
    • McRoberts, S., Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithms, April 1998.
    • Livingstone, R., A Tutorial Kit for Distributed Systems on a Network of Workstations, April 1998.
    • Cooke, N., A Tutorial Kit Concurrent Systems, April 1996.
    • Tremblay, L., Security on Personal Computers, April 1995.
    • Shad, F., Design & Implementation of a Transputer-Based Tutorial Kit for Distributed Systems, April 1995.
    • Phillips, T., Simulator for Client-Server Systems, April 1995.
    • Mohan, S., Load Balancing on the Transputer System, April 1995.
    • Ashdown, S., Design of a Set of Specialized servers for a transputer System, April 1994.
    • Alsaid, O., Simulator for Distributed Shared memory Systems, April 1994.
    • Mikulash, K., A Mailbox Tool kit for the Parasol Simulator, April 1993.
    • Ko, D.C., Simulation of Disk Storage Management Using Parasol, April 1993
    • Gera, S., Development of the Window Interface for Finale, April 1992.
    • Sikka, P., Simulation Studies of Multiprocessor Systems Using a Simulator of Distributed and Parallel Systems (cosupervised with Prof. D.C. Petriu), April 1992.
    • Lepine, L., Studies of Parallelism in Multitasking Software Using Petrinet Models (cosupervised with Prof. C.M. Woodside), April 1991.

Supervision of Undergraduate Summer Students

o       English, S., Cloud Computing (Summer Internship),  May-August 2016.

o       Abd-AlHadi, Z. (Completed) , Resource Management on Distributed Systems (Summer Internship),  May-August 2015.

o       Schmeidtlein, D., Dynamic Resource Management on Clouds (NSERC undergraduate summer research scholarship), May – August 2015.

o       Lim, N., Computer as a Service, (NSERC undergraduate summer research scholarship), May-August 2009.

o       Maryada, V. Summer Internship, June-July 2009.

o       Kanwar, O., Resource Management on Grids (NSERC undergraduate summer research scholarship), May-August 2007.

o       Ghosh, D., A Tool for Synthetic Workload Generation, August 2003.

    • Abbas, H., GUI-Based Load Generator for Middleware Systems, May-July 2000.
    • Balasubramaniam, S., Characterization of Commercial Middleware Systems, May -August 1999.

o       Shad, F., Simulation of Parallel I/O in Multiprogrammed Parallel Systems, (NSERC undergraduate summer research scholarship ), May -August 1994.

o       Phillips, T., Simulator for Client Server Systems, May - August 1994
(partially supported by Govt. of Ontario).

    • Ashdown S., An Experiment Investigation of Processor Management on a Transputer Systems , May - August 1994.
      (NSERC undergraduate summer research scholarship )
    • Shad F., Simulation of Decentralized Scheduling Strategies for Distributed Memory Multicomputer Systems, May - August 1993
      (NSERC undergraduate summer research scholarship )
    • Ahmed, L., Simulation of Parallel I/O in Multiprogrammed Parallel Systems, June - August 1993 (Supported by Govt. of Ontario).
    • Alasaied, O., Simulator of Parallel I/O in Multiprogrammed Parallel Systems, July - August 1993 (Supported by Govt. of Ontario).
    • Garvin, M., Simulation of Parallel I/O in Multiprogrammed Parallel Systems, May – August 1992.


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