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Dr. Shikharesh Majumdar: List of Publications

Papers Published in Journals

·        Singh, G., Rajan, S., Majumdar, S., “A Fast-Iterative Data Association Technique for Multiple Object Tracking”, International Journal of Semantic Computing, 2017 (accepted for publication).

·        Biswas, A.., Majumdar, S., Nandy, B.; El-Haraki, A., "A Hybrid Auto-scaling Technique for Clouds Processing Applications with Service Level Agreements". Journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and Applications, 6:29, 2017.

·        Wang, L., Majumdar, S., Lung, C.-H.(2017), “A Near Field Communication Based Access Control and Information Dissemination System” (invited paper), Computer Society of India Journal of Computing, 2017.

·        Lim, N., Majumdar, S., Ashwood-Smith, P., “MRCP-RM: a Technique for Resource Allocation and Scheduling of MapReduce Jobs with Deadlines". IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 28(5), 201,  pp. 1375-1389.

·        Lim, N., Majumdar, S., Ashwood-Smith, P., "A resource management technique for processing deadline-constrained multi-stage workflows", Journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and Applications, 6, 2017, pp. 1-24.

·        Gregory, A., Majumdar, S., "Resource Management for Deadline Constrained MapReduce Jobs for Minimizing Energy Consumption", International Journal of Big Data Intelligence, 5(4), 2017, pp. 270-287.

·         Dai, L., Lung, C.-H., Majumdar, S., "BFilter: Efficient XML Message Filtering and Matching in Publish/Subscribe Systems",  Journal of Software. 11(4), 2016. pp. 376-402.

·         Li, X., Lung, C.-H., Majumdar, S., “Green Spine Switch Management for Datacenter Networks”. Journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems, and Applications, 5(9), 2016, pp. 1-19.

·        Cao, Y., Lung, C.-H., Majumdar, S., “Efficient Message Delivery Models for XML-Based Publish/ Subscribe Systems”, Computer Communications. 85(1), 2016, pp. 58-73.

·        Kapoor, N.K., Majumdar, S., Nandy, B., "Scheduling of Multiple Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Knowledge of Application and Network", International Journal of Information and Computer, Science. 5, 2016, pp. 11-30.

·        Lim, N., Majumdar, S., Srivastava, V., “Security Sieve: a Technique for Enhancing the Performance of Secure Sockets Layer- Based Distributed Systems”, International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems. 31(5), 2016, pp. 481-506.

·        Kapoor, N.K., Majumdar, S., Nandy, B., "Techniques for Allocation of Sensors in Shared Wireless Sensor Networks", Journal of Networks, 10(1), 2015, pp. 15-28.

·        Lung, C.-H., Sanaullah, M., Cao, Y., Majumdar, S., “A Cloud-based XML Publish/Subscribe System", Services Transactions on Cloud Computing, 3(2), 2015, pp.  1-11.

·        Gillespie, R., Kamil, A., Lung, C.H., Majumdar, S., Ashwood-Smith, P.(2013). "An Efficient Address Resolution Technique for Large Layer 2Networks", International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 4(2), 2013, pp. 128-142.

·        Melendez J.O., Majumdar, S.(2012). "Matchmaking on Clouds and Grids”, International Journal of Internet Technology, 13(6), 2012, pp. 853-866.

·        Asif, M., Majumdar, S., "Partitioning Frameworks for Mobile Web Services". International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems, 26(6), 2011, pp. 519-544.

Papers Published In Magazines

Contribution to Books

·        Majumdar, S., "Leveraging Cloud Computing and Sensor-Based Devices in the Operation and Management of Smart Systems", in Smart City: Software Services and Cyber Infrastructure ((eds: Maheswaran, M. and Badidi, E.), Springer 2019.

·        Cao, Y., Lung, C.-H., Majumdar, S. “An XPath Query Aggregation Approach for XML Publish/ Subscribe Systems”, in Advances in Computers and Software: Reviews, Book Series, Vol. 1, (ed: Yurish) IFSA Publishing, 2018..

·        Lim, N, Majumdar, S., “Resource Management for MapReduce Jobs Performing Big Data Analytics”, book chapter in Big Data Management, Architecture, and Processing ( eds: Li, Jiang, Zomaya), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016.

Tutorials and Professional Courses


Invited Talks

·        Keynote Address: "High Performance Data Analytics: Platforms, Resource Management andMiddleware", Keynote Address, 7th International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Data Mining, Chicago, United States, September 2018.

·        “Streaming Data Analytics for Smart Systems: Platforms and Frameworks".Canadian Research Software Conference, Ottawa, Canada, September 2018.

·        “Resource Management on Clouds for Supporting Big Data Platforms and SmartSystems” Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India, 2018 (invited talk).

·        “Leveraging Cloud Computing and IoT Technology for Supporting Smart Systems”, IEEE Computer Society Kolkata, India, 2018 (invited talk).

§         “Research on Cloud Computing at Carleton University”, Carleton University Alumni Event, San Francisco, April 2015 (invited presentation).

§         Quebec City November 1999

§         Calcutta (India) December 1999

§         Ottawa January 2000

§         New York (Long Island) November 2001

§         Costa Rica  May 2001  

o       University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada, November 1988

Papers Published In Refereed Conference Proceedings

§         Dhillon, A.S., Majumdar, S., St-Hilaire, M., El-Haraki, A., “A Mobile Complex Event Processing System for Remote Patient Monitoring”, Proc. IEEE International Congress on Internet of Things (ICIOT), Seattle, USA, July 2018.

§         McGregor, A., Bennett,  D., Majumdar, S., Nandy, B., Melendez, J.O., St-Hilaire, M., Lau, Liu, J. “A Cloud-Based Platform for Supporting Research Collaboration”, Proc. 8th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD), New York, June 2015.

§         Biswas, A., Majumdar, S., Nandy, B., El-Haraki, A."An Auto-scaling Framework for Controlling Enterprise Resources on Clouds", Proc. 15th IEEE/ACM International Symp. on Cluster Cloud & Grid Computing (Intl. Workshop on  Cloud for Business, Industries and Enterprises (C4BIE)), Shenzen , May 2015.

§         McGregor, A., Bennett, D., Majumdar, S., Nandy, B., Melendez, J.O., St-Hilaire, M.,  Lau, D., Liu, J., Biswas, A., Lim, N., Tehranian, A., Zhuang, K., Davidson, L., "RP-SMARF: A Cloud-Based Platform for Research Collaboration on Smart Facilities Management", Poster, IEEE/ACM International Conference on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2015), Shenzen China, May 2015.

§         Lim, N., Majumdar, S. and Ashwood-Smith, P., “A Constraint Programming Based Hadoop Scheduler for Handling MapReduce Jobs with Deadlines on CloudsProc. Intl. on Performance Engineering (ICPE), Austin (USA), February 2015.

§         Lim, N., Majumdar, S., Ashwood-Smith, P., “Constraint Programming-Based Resource Management Technique for Processing MapReduce Jobs with SLAs on Clouds”, Proc. Intl. Conf. on Parallel Processing (ICPP), Minneapolis (USA), October 2014.

§         Lim, N., Majumdar, S., Ashwood-Smith, P., “Resource Management Techniques for Handling Requests with Service Level Agreements, Proc. 2014 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS'14), Monterey, July 2014.

§         Majumdar, S., M. Asif, Melendez, O., Kanagasundaram, R., Lau, D.T., Nandy, B., Zaman, M., Srivastava, P., Goel, N., “Middleware Architecture for Sensor-Based Bridge Infrastructure Management”, Proc. 15th Communications and Networking Symposium, Boston, March 2012.

§         Asif, M., Majumdar, S., A Runtime Partitioning Technique for Mobile Web Services”, Proc. International Workshop on Applications of Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Network (AWASN11), Taipei, Taiwan, September, 2011 (accepted for publication).

§         Cao, Y., Lung, C.-H., Majumdar, S., “An XPath Query Aggregation Algorithm Using a Region Encoding”,  Proc. IEEE 11th Annual Symposium for Applications and the Internet (SAINT '11), Munich (Germany), July 2011.

§         Kapoor, N., Majumdar, S., Nandy, B. “Scheduling on Wireless Sensor Networks

§         Hosting Multiple Applications”, Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2011) - Adhoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking Symposium, Kyoto (Japan), June 2011.

§         Cao, Y., Lung, C.-H., Majumdar, S., “A Peer-to-Peer Model for XML Publish/Subscribe Services”, Proc. of the 9th Communications Networks and Systems Research (CNSR) Conference, Ottawa (Canada), May 2011.

§         Lim, N., Majumdar, S., “Engineering SSL-Based Systems for Enhancing System Performance”, Proc. ACM International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE), 2011, Karlsruhe (Germany), March 2011.

§         Dai, L., Lung, C.-H., Majumdar, S., “A XML Message Filtering and Matching Approach in Publish/Subscribe Systems”, Proc. IEEE GLOBCOM Conference, Miami, Florida, December 2010.

§         Ahmad, I., Majumdar, S., “A Two Level Approach for Managing Resource and Data Intensive Tasks in Grids”, Proc. International Conference on Grid Computing, High-Performance and Distributed Applications (GADA'08), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.: 5331/2008, Elsevier, Monterrey, Mexico, November 2008, pp. 802-811.

§         Asif, M., Majumdar, S., Dragnea, R. “Partitioning the WS Execution Environment for Hosting Mobile Web Services”,  Proc. IEEE  International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2008),  Honolulu, July 2008, pp315-322.

§         Asif, M., Majumdar, S., Dragnea, R., “Application Partitioning for Enhancing System Performance for Services Hosted on Wireless Devices”, Proc. Workshop on Service Oriented Engineering and Optimizations (SENOPT 07), Goa, India, December 2007.

§         Bennet, D., Nandy, B., Ahmad, I., Majumdar, S., St.-Arnaud, B., “User Controlled Lightpath Management System based on a Service Oriented Architecture”, Proc. Application Controlled Optical Networks (ACON 2006), Ottawa, May 2006 (accepted for publication).

§         Abhari, A., Dandamudi, S., Majumdar, S. "Exploiting Web Document Structure to Improve Storage Management in Proxy Caches", IEEE High Performance Computing Conference, Bangalore (India), December 2002.

§         Wu, W.-K., Majumdar, S. “Engineering CORBA-Based Systems for High Performance”, International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP’02), August 2002 Vancouver.

Invited Papers

Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

Other Technical Papers and Reports

Conference Presentations (without formal papers)

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