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2020 ­– 2021 (3 projects, 10 students)


1.      Jorge Fernandez, Mariana Rafael-White, Yu-Kai Yang,

“IoT Management with Container Orchestration”


2.      Junyuan Chen, Yisheng Li, Xinyu Chen, Xinrui Li,

“Indoor Visitor Management System for Pandemic (IVMSP)”


3.      Sudarsana Sandeep, Daniel Tura, Danish Butt, Omar Elberougy,

“Smart Parking Application”


2019 ­– 2020 (5 projects, 16 students)


1.      Christian Sargusingh, Aaron Huang, Steven Zhou,

“Light Emitting Access Point A Novel LiFi Transmission and Reception Solution”


The project won the 2020 W.E. Cowie Innovation Award, valued at $27,000.


2.      Tri Nhan, Nic Howes, Samy Ibrahim,

“Building Smart Baby Monitoring System with Internet of Things (IoT) with Web Service and Cloud Computing”:


3.      Lixuan Luo, Pengliang Zhang, Tongdan Zhu, Haohan zhang,

“Amusement Park Management System Based on IoT and Cloud Computing”


4.      Ibrahim Bishtawi, Samer Ammouri, Mohamed Al-Salhi,

“Smart Parking Application”


5.      Adeek Faizal, Bodee Quansah, Mohamed Elalem,

“Smart Scale for Monitoring Physiological Parameters”


2018 – 2019 (5 projects, 14 students)


1.      Zhaoying Du, Dailin Luo, Yan Liu, Hanshan Wang,
“Webservice Based Amusement Park Visitor Management System using Microservice and Edge Computing”


2.      Darío Sorribes, Margaret Funmilayo,

“Video-Audio Production Mixer via IP Network”



Dario Luzuriaga, Chung-Horng Lung, Margaret Funmilayo, “Software-Based Video-Audio Production Mixer via an IP Network”, IEEE Access, Jan 2020, pp. 11456 – 11468.

Video long demo of 12' for reference (2019 IEEE Access Best Multimedia Award): (without subtitles) (with subtitles)

Video demo of 3' to embed or download: (with subtitles)


3.      Thomas De Haan Carriere, Andrew Nguyen, Benjamin Palko,

“Investigation Future of IoT”


4.      Supriya Gadigone, Kshamina Ghelani, Kyle Lawrynuik,
groceR: NFC Sensor-Based Information Retrieval System”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Majumdar)


5.      Hongfei Ren, Benjamin Loo,

WiFi Positioning System”


2017 – 2018 (3 projects, 11 students)


1.       Abubakar Babagana, Suhib Habush, Mohamed Zidan,

“Management of Smart Home Applications using Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics”


2.       Soluzochukwu J. Nwakpadolu, Amir Kalmonighn
“A Software Platform for Group Communications”


3.       Erick Kad-Bay, Dominik Schmidtlein, Michael Vezina

“Smart Library”


4.       Cyrus Sadeghi-Emamchaie, Jonathan Chan, Eliab Woldeyes,

“Blips - A City Mapping Application”


2016 – 2017 (5 projects, 13 students)


1.      Krishna Mannem,

“An Investigation into Efficient Concurrency for Swift”


2.      Mike Oliverira, Aly Rasmy, and Mohamed Osman,

“Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Home Applications and Data Analytics”


3.      Koen Bouwmans, Zameer Masjedee, and Jonah Trevor-Deutsch,

“Smart Baby Room Monitoring”


4.      Craig Shorrocks, Jessica Morris, and Richard Perryman,

“Sensor-based Access Control System”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Majumdar)


5.      Lee Fisher, Aidan Meltzer and Jonathan Phillips,

“MLB Data Prediction”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Ajila)



2015 – 2016 (3 projects, 10 students)

1.      Saleh Alorifi, Majed Alshalaan, and Abdel Rahman El Beheri,

“Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in the Smart Home”


2.      Abdulla Hamam, Kathleen Rozman, and Mohamad Ghadieh,

“Automated Smart Parking System”


3.      Mais El-Far, Mostafa Shabka, Hassain Saeed, and Ali Shouman,

“Cloud Assisted NFC-based Smart Restaurant Solution”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Majumdar)



Hassain Saeed, Ali Shouman, Mais Elfar, Mostafa Shabka, S. Majumdar, and C.-H. Lung, “Near-Field Communication Sensors and Cloud-Based Smart Restaurant Management System”, Proc. of IEEE 3rd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), Dec. 2016, pp. 686–691.



2014 – 2015 (3 projects, 10 students)

1.      Shaheer Mir, Prasanth Pillai, Zizo Sakr, and Taofiki Yussuff,

“Building Internet of Things (IoT) Using Web services and Cloud computing"


2.      Nhat Ho, Noah Kipin, and Christopher Nguyen,

“Near Field Communication (NFC) Based Information Retrieval Framework”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Majumdar)


3.      Nathaniel Adefowora, Mohsin Qureshi, and Rouadj Alsegier,

“Building a framework for Internet of Things and Cloud Computing”



2013 – 2014 (4 projects, 11 students)

1.      Abhinav (Sunny) Thakral, Junaid Mohammed

              “Building Internet of Things (IoT) Using Web Services and Cloud Computing:  ECG Android
              Application using Internet of Things”



Junaid Mohammed, Abhinav Thakral, A. F. Ocneanu, C. Jones, C.-H. Lung, and A. Adler, “Internet of Things: Remote Patient Monitoring Using Web Services and Cloud Computing”, Proc. of IEEE International Conf. on Internet of Things (iThings), Sept. 2014, pp. 256-263.


2.      Fabrice AnonVijith NavarathinarasahMinh Hoang

Building a Framework for Internet of Things and Cloud Computing”



Fabrice AnonVijith NavarathinarasahMinh Hoang, C.-H. Lung, “Building a Framework for Internet of Things and Cloud Computing”, Proc. of IEEE International Conf. on Internet of Things (iThings), Sept. 2014, pp. 132–139.


3.      Abdulsalam Ahmed, Adi Khader, and Sara Hassan

Building Internet of Things & Integrating Web Services & Cloud Computing


4.       Ibrahim Saymeh, Toluwase Arogunmati, and Tejas Patil

“NFC sensor-based information retrieval system”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Majumdar)



2012 – 2013 (3 projects, 7 students)

1.      Moataz Soliman, Tobi Abiodun, and Tarek Hamouda

“Smart House Applications: Building Internet of Things with Web Services and Cloud Computing”



Moataz Soliman, Tobi Abiodun, and Tarek Hamouda,

“Smart Home: Integrating Internet of Things with Web Services and Cloud Computing”, Proc. of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science, Dec. 2013, pp. 317–320.


2.      Abdulrahman Alshabanat, Osman Abdilahi, and Thasin Akhand

“Smart Seating Application: Building Internet of Things and Integrating Web Service and Cloud Computing”


3.      Ahmed Salama

              “Carleton Accessibility Medial Project (CAMP)”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Ajila)



2011 – 2012 (2 projects, 5 students)

1.      Robert Gillespie, Abdullah Kamil

“Resolving Network Addresses in Large Layer-2 Networks”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Majumdar)



Robert Gillespie, Abdullah Kamil, C.-H. Lung, S. Majumdar, P. Ashwood-Smith,
“An Efficient Address Resolution Technique for Large Layer 2 Networks”, International Journal of Next-Generation Computing(Special Issue on selected papers from IEEEE CloudCom 2012), vol. 4, no. 2, 2013.


Robert Gillespie, Abdullah Kamil, Chung-Horng Lung, Shikharesh Majumdar, and Peter Ashwood-Smith,
“Address Resolution in Large Layer 2 Networks for Data Centers, the 2nd International Workshop on Network Infrastructure Services as part of Cloud Computing (in collaboration with the 4th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science), Dec. 2012.



2.       Tshepo Lepono, Prisca Dube,  and Thobokgolo Masabase

 “iPhone/iPad or Android as a tool for the Data Center Operator”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Ajila)


2010 – 2011 (1 project, 2 students)

1.      Assaggaf and Mousavi

              “iPhone/iPod/iPad dongle” (co-supervision with Prof. Lambadaris)


2008 – 2009 (3 projects, 9 students)

1.      Basil Saeed, Najeeb Siddique and M. Owais Khalid

              INFO-BUS: Automated Transit Announcement and Advertisement System” (application of ZigBee)


2.      Shawn Eakins, William Harding, Abid Ali Shaikhali, and Tyler Smith

              “Wireless Price Tags”, (application of ZigBee, co-supervision with Prof. Lambadaris)


       3.   Stevan Novakov and Norman Lim

“Content-Based Information Searching and Retrieval” (co-supervision with Prof. Majumdar)



2007 – 2008

              Sabbatical leave


2006 – 2007 (5 projects, 15 students)

1.      Rohit Gupta, Nilam Kaushik, and Chandan Mohapatra

“Wireless Price Tags”, (co-supervision with Prof. Lambadaris)

·        Second place in the Ontario Engineering Competition, 2007

·        Nominated for the departmental Best Project Award.


2.      Andrew Gniadek, Yunfeng Li, and Qing Wei

“Application for ZigBee Technology and Web Services”

·        Nominated for the departmental Best Project Award



A. Gniadek, Y. Li, C.-H. Lung, and Q. Wei,
“A Web Services-Based Infrastructure for Traffic Monitoring Using ZigBee,” Proc. of the 2nd International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (SENSORCOMM), Aug. 2008.


3.      Pragash Rajeswaran, Sathyanarayanan Sivadas, and Theleepan Sivabalasingam

“Reengineering of CgNet Using GenVoca Generative Programming Approach”



C.-H. Lung, P. Rajeswaran, S. Sivadas, and T. Sivabalasingam,
“Experience of
Building an Architecture-Based Generator Using GenVoca for Distributed Systems”, Proc. of 6th Int’l Workshop on System and Software Architectures, (IWSSA), June, 2007.

C.-H. Lung, P. Rajeswaran, S. Sivadas, and T. Sivabalasingam,
“Experience of
Building an Architecture-Based Generator Using GenVoca for Distributed Systems,” accepted (on May 27th, 2009) to Science of Computer Programming (Elsevier).


4.      Navaneethan Kaneshapillai, Sriranjan Kathiravelupillai, and Ranganathan Jayapirasanna

Tool Support for Program Transformation for Distributed Systems”


5.      Sivanthan Sivaraja, Mayatheepan Thiyagarajah, and Thiruvarangan Piranavam

“Content-Based Information Searching and Retrieval”, (co-supervision with Prof. S. Majumdar)



S. Sivaraja, M. Thiyagarajah, T. Piranavam, C.-H. Lung and S. Majumdar,
“Efficient Multiple-Keyword Search in DHT-based Decentralized Systems,” International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS), June 2008.



2005 – 2006  (3 projects, 7 students)

1.      Jawid Ibrahimi, Kabmiz Frounchi, and Partheeban Chandrasekaran

Web Service Replica Selection in an Extranet(co-supervision with S. Majumdar)

(Honourable mention for NSERC Best Project Award)



K. Frounchi, P. Chandrasekaran, J. Ibrahimi, S. Majumdar, C.-H. Lung, and L. Serghi,
“A QoS Aware Service Replica Selection Framework for an Extranet”, Proc. of the IEEE Canadian Conf. on Electrical and Computer Eng., May 2006, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


2.      Jianning Liu, Xiaoli Ling, and Dan Jiang

Generative Programming Using Reusable Components and Design Patterns



C.-H. Lung, J. Liu, X. Ling, and D. Jiang,
Architecture-Centric Program Transformation for Distributed Systems, Proc. of International Workshop on Software and System Architecture, June 2006.


3.      Khac Nguyen

MPLS Networks and Traffic Engineering


2004 – 2005  (
2 projects, 6 students)

1.      Balasangar Balasubramaniam, Poopalasingham Elankeswaran, Umatharan Gopalasundaram, and Kamalachelva Selvarajah

“Program Transformation and Building Reusable Components with Design Patterns”



C.-H. Lung, Balasangar BalasubramaniamPoopalasingham Elankeswaran, Umatharan Gopalasundaram, and Kamalachelva Selvarajah,
“On Building Architecture-Centric Product Line Architecture”, Requirements Engineering Journal, (accepted for publication in Jan. 2014).

C.-H. Lung, B. Balasubramaniam, K. Selvarajah, P. Elankeswaran, and U. Gopalasundaram,
“Architecture-Centric Software Generation: An Experimental Study on Distributed Systems”, Generative Programming and Component Engineering for QoS Provisioning in Distributed Systems (GPCE4QoS), in collatoration with 5th Int’l Conf. on Generative Programming and Component Engineering, Oct. 2006.

2.       Gopinath Sivarajah and Amogelang Tapela
“Peer-to-Peer Caching Algorithms”


           B. Whitehead, C.-H. Lung, A. Tapela, and G. Sivarajah,
Experiments of Large File Caching and Comparisons of Caching Algorithms,” Proc. of the 7th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, July, 2008.

2003 – 2004  (3 projects, 7 students)

1.      Bradley Whitehead

“A Scalable Anycast Technology for Caching Content Distribution Networks”

·       Awarded $15,000 through the Foundry program at Carleton University,

·       Winner of the 2004 Wes Nicol Business Plan Competition ($6,000 prize), and

·       First price of the Tech VC Business Plan Competition.



           B. Whitehead, C.-H. Lung, A. Tapela, and G. Sivarajah,
Experiments of Large File Caching and Comparisons of Caching Algorithms,” Proc. of the 7th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, July, 2008.


2.      Jui-Chieh Lee and Xu Zhang

“Performance Investigation of a Network System on Different Linux Kernels”

3.      Abbas Alhussaini, Balarajan Balasubramaniam, Parthiban Chandrabose, and Aruran Kasinathan

“Software Restructuring and Performance Evaluation”

2002 – 2003  
(3 projects, 8 students)

1.      Heine Mar, Hui Xu, and Prem Kanagarathnam,

“Quality of Service for MPLS Software”



C.-H. Lung, Q. Zhao, H. Xu, H. Mar, P. Kanagaratnam,
Experience of Communications Software Evolution and Performance Improvement with Patterns”, Proc. of IASTED Software Engineering, Feb, 2004.


2.      Zul Sajoo, Van Dieu Thai, and Sachin Gera



3.      Frank Marumo and Mary Usha Gogireddy

“GUI for an MPLS Based Traffic Controller”