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NCIT / EION Project

Research work in this project focuses on MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) and associated traffic engineering. MPLS provides a mechanism of achieving connection-oriented services on connectionless networks.  MPLS can switch IP, ATM or Frame relay traffic at layer two levels, avoiding major routing overheads.  IP on MPLS networks come in a few flavors depending upon the QoS (diffserv/non-diffserv) and Switching/Routing (MPLS/non-MPLS) capabilities. Currently Sion caters the needs of non-diffserv/non-MPLS networks and diffserv/MPLS networks using QoS capabilities. However, for a complete solution, MPLS functionality needs to be integrated to cater for different IP network deployments options.

The focus of the research topic would be in the area of MPLS.  The student will be evaluating the performance of MPLS based network that have traffic engineering, fault-tolerance, security and reliability aspects as constraints. The goal of the research will be to devise and implement innovative solutions by extending the available MPLS protocol and evaluating the MPLS network performance to prove the proposalís worth.