John W. Chinneck: Graduate Students

·          Behnaz Fakhar Firouzeh, Ph.D., Sparse Recovery, Classification, and Data Compression via Improved Maximum Feasible Subsystem Algorithms (with S. Rajan), 2021.

·          Xiaoke Lu, M.A.Sc., Combining Node and Variable Selection Heuristics for Faster MIP Solutions, 2020.

·          Babneet Singh, M.A.Sc., Multi-Cloud Application Deployment (co-supervised with Murray Woodside), 2019.

·          Vladislav Brion, M.A.Sc., Reaching Feasibility Quickly for Sets of Linear Constraints, 2018.

·          Mubashsharul Shafique, Ph.D., Heuristic Global Optimization, 2017.

·          Ravneet Kaur, M.A.Sc., Lightweight Robust Optimizer for Distributed Application Deployment in Multi-Clouds (with C.M.Woodside), 2015.

·          Aizaz Chaudhry, Ph.D., Spectrum Requirements for Interference-Free Wireless Mesh Networks (with R. Hafez), 2015.

·          Hanan Mahmoud, M.A.Sc. Achieving Integer Feasibility Quickly by Alternating Axis-Parallel and General Disjunctions, 2012.

·          Laurence Smith, Ph.D., Improved Placement of Local Solver Launch Points for Large-scale Global Optimization (with V. Aitken), 2011.

·          Zhanwen Li, Ph.D., Fast Optimization for Scalable Application Deployments in Large Service Centers (with C.M. Woodside), 2011.

·          Julian Andean, M.A.Sc., Creating Better Binary Classification Trees Using Non-Greedy Methods, 2009.

·          Jennifer Pryor, M.A.Sc., Branching Variable Direction Selection in Mixed Integer Programming, 2009.

·          D.T. Wojtaszek, Ph.D., Faster MIP Solutions via New Node Selection Rules, 2008.

·          Matthew MacLeod, M.A.Sc., Multistart Constraint Consensus for Seeking Feasibility in NLPs, 2006.

·          A.S. Moghrabi, M.Eng., Adaptive Construction of Classification Decision Trees, 2004.

·          Suryani Chao, M.A.Sc., Scheduling in DSP Multiprocessor Systems, 2002.

·          Jagat Patel, M.A.Sc., Active-Constraint Variable Ordering Schemes for Faster Feasibility of Mixed Integer Linear Programs, 2002.

·          W. Ibrahim, Ph.D., A Novel QoS Aware Integrated Charging and Resource Control Framework for Next Generation Wireless Networks, 2002.

·          H. Li, M.Sc.(by project), Graphical Interface for Network Optimization, 1999.

·          K. Ramadan, M.Sc., Linear Programming with Interval Coefficients, 1997.

·          O. Guieu, M.Sc., Analyzing Infeasible Mixed-Integer and Integer Linear Programs, 1995. Senate medal winner for master's thesis.

·          E.W. Dravnieks, Ph.D., A Methodology for the Formulation and Solution of Global Optimization Problems, 1994.

·          Z.P. You, M.Sc., Localization and Diagnosis of Petri Net Model Errors by Viability Analysis, (with M. Woodside), 1993.

·          P. Bishop, M.Eng. Coherent Planning Model for the Development of Integrated Materials Plans and Production Schedules (with J. Knight), 1992.

·          R. Chow, M.Sc., Gate Level Transistor Sizing by Nonlinear Optimization, (with M. Lefebvre), 1992.

·          R.G. Brown, Ph.D., An Architecture for Extending Constraint Satisfaction, (with G.M. Karam), 1991.

·          R.H.H. Moll, Ph.D., Modelling Regeneration and Pest Control Alternatives for a Forest System in the Presence of Fire Risk, 1991.

·          M. Lavoie, M.Sc., Task Assignment in a DSP Multiprocessor Environment, 1990.

·          E.W. Dravnieks, M.Sc., Identifying Minimal Sets of Inconsistent Constraints in Linear Programs: Deletion, Squeeze and Sensitivity Filtering, 1989.

·          A.  Pardasani, M.Sc., Network Flow Optimization Models for Integrated Flexible Manufacturing Systems, 1989.

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