On the U.N. International Day For Persons With Disabilities (Dec 3), Dr. Adrian Chan joins NOW with Dave Brown to talk about the work he and his colleagues do at Carleton University’s Abilities Living Laboratory (starting at 77:30).

4th Year Project

Projects for the 2022/23 academic year are being constructed. Information will be posted here soon.

Students interested in a fourth year thesis in biomedical engineering can contact me directly.

Please follow the application process. This information will be used to assess your skills as well as match the project best with your learning objectives (e.g. some students are interested in pursuing graduates studies, while other students are interested in going into industry; some students want hardware experience, while other students want software experience).

Music Box

This project will create a wireless sensor interface for drumming to use while a person is shadow boxing. Such a device would be helpful for rehabilitation, an alternative/adaptive interface for persons with disabilities, among other uses.

Keywords: sensors, microcontroller