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Research questions

Will you supervise my thesis on a topic other than the ones you list above?

What do I need to work with you?

What is the first step?


 Research questions looking for great TTM students

    How should incumbents respond to attacks from low cost suppliers?  How should start-ups attack incumbents?

    How to compete in environments dominated by network convergence, wide spread standardization, and connectivity-service separation?

    How to reposition existing products, architectures and technology to address the needs of emerging markets? 

    How to assess technology advancement at an early stage of its life cycle?

    How to sell new industrial products into silo-based organizations?

    How do operators of telecommunications networks transform from working in a product-oriented architecture mode to working in an

         end-to-end system solution mode?

    What technologies and operational arrangements enable small and medium size businesses to deliver new-to-the-world services?

    What factors distinguish effective operational execution at different stages of the product and company life cycles? 

    How do you move operating in one stage to the next?

    How to concurrently develop customer value propositions and commitment from customers and internal groups?


Will you supervise my thesis on a topic other than the ones you list above?

If you think you have an interesting topic, we can certainly discuss supervision. I will not supervise a thesis for which I do not have expertise or do not feel you can develop an original and useful contribution.


What do I need to work with you?

 To work with me you need to:

have successfully completed TTMG 5001 Principles of Management for Engineers and one of TTMG 5004 Management of Design Systems or TTMG 5005 Management of Telecommunications System Designs

be fully committed to complete a great thesis on time

wish to make an original and useful contribution to knowledge

be willing to become a trusted specialist in a narrow domain

have a positive attitude

expect the unexpected


What is the first step?

The first step is for us to meet and discuss your research objectives and schedule. To meet, send e-mail to

You can also call me (613) 564-3222 extension 112 and leave a message. (A PBX that makes it seem like I operate a multi-billion dollar company  will take your call. Donít be too upset when you learn that you are only calling my home office).  




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