Using the undergrad open access labs

All students are granted access to all undergraduate facilities. Feel free to use any of the undergraduate teaching labs located in AA, ME, MC or CB.

While using these rooms please understand that there will be no modifications to hardware, software, admin access, etc in any of the above mentioned labs.

No computers can be reserved in the above mentioned labs. These systems are purposed for undergraduate course work as laid out in the schedule on the department webpage.

Using the project room (ME4386 )

1. Only students registered in the SCE 4th-year project course are permitted in ME4386.

2. The door must remain locked at all times.

3. Food and drink will not be permitted at any stations at any time.

4. The use of the computer stations is on a first come first serve basis.  No one group will be given exclusive rights to a computer station except two desks exclusively for sWall students.

5. If you are assigned to a specific station, use that station only.

All requests for software, hardware or access level increases in ME4386 must have the approval of your supervisor. All requests for software, hardware or access level increase must be made to your supervisor and then he or she will contact Should you require personal assistance from the technical support staff, all requests must be made via email to using your Cmail account email address only. When making requests for any of the above mentioned, you must include your group number, title of your project and CC your project supervisor. No other email accounts will be accepted i.e. gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. Once a request has been approved by your supervisor, a member of the technical staff will follow up with you on your specific request. If additional resources are needed that fall within the scope of the original request, we will not need approval from the supervisor. In the event a “new” request is needed to be filled that is outside the scope of the original request, then the approval process must begin again.

Please feel free to ask technical staff about this process if you have any questions.

If you are granted admin access to a workstation in ME 4386 all software installations must be

1. Approved by your supervisor.

2. Approved by the technical support staff.

3. All software must be licensed to be used in the university environment.

4. All software requests that require technical staff interaction must have the URL for the software included in the original email.

No unauthorized modifications to any part of the existing operating system/software/hardware etc is to be made without the prior approval of your supervisor and consent of the technical support staff. Should you intentionally modify the operating system or any software that results in operational problems you may lose admin privileges as well as there being a delay in the progress of your project while the technical staff service the item in question.

Modifications to open access or teaching labs for the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering are not done. Certain instances and areas may be considered.

All computers are re-imaged prior to the fall term. All data will be erased and no data will be backed up. 

Fabrication, Tools, General help

We have facilities to do soldering, wiring, and lend/give hardware and technical support for 4th year projects. Please feel free to contact us or come by the office at ME4224 and we will be glad to help you.

SYSC Technical support staff

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