WOSP2000 Slides

WOSP2000 Slides from Presentations

The following list of the papers show anchors for papers for which slides have been provided.



Keynote Address: SPE for Web Applications: New Challenges?
Dr. Connie U. Smith; Performance Engineering Services, Santa Fe, USA

AEMPA: A Process Algebraic Description Language for the Performance Analysis of Software
M. Bernardo, Universita di Torino; P. Ciancarini, Universita di Bologna; L. Donatiello, Italy

Quantitative System Evaluation with DSPNexpress 2000
C. Lindemann, A. Thummler, A. Klemm, M. Lohmann, and O. P. Waldhorst, all of the Uni-
versity of Dortmund, Germany

Visual representation of stochastic process algebra models
N. Thomas, and M. Munro, University of Durham, UK; P. King, and R. Pooley, Heriot Watt
University, UK

Expressing Meaningful Processing Requirements among Heterogeneous Nodes in an Active
V. Galtier, K. L. Mills, Y. Carlinet, S. Leight, and A. Rukhin, National Institute of Standards
and Technology, USA

Optimizing Software Performance for IP Frame Reassembly in an Integrated Architecture
P. M. Ewert and N. Manjikian, Queen's University, Canada

A Performance Monitoring System for Voice-over-IP Gateways
A. E. Conway, Infolibria, Inc., USA

Performance Evaluation of Mobility-based Software Architectures
V. Grassi, Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy; V. Cortellessa, West Virginia University,

Deriving Performance Models of Software Architectures from Message Sequence Charts
of SA
F. Andolfi, and F. Aquilani, Universita dell'Aquila; S. Balsamo, Universita di Venezia, P.
Inverardi, Universita dell'Aquila, Italy

Deriving a Queueing Network based Performance Model from UML Diagrams
V. Cortellesa, West Virginia University, USA
R. Mirandola, Universita di Roma "Torvergata", Italy

A UML Tool for an Automatic Generation of Simulation Programs
L.B. Arief and N. A. Speirs, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Using UML Models for Performance Calculation
F. Hoeben, Hoeben Software Architecture Consulting, The Netherlands

UML Extensions for the Specification of Latency Constraints in Architectural Models (**)
M. de Miguel, and T. Lambolais, Thomson-LCR; M. Hannouz, SOFTEAM; S. Betge-Brezetz
and S. Piekarec, Alcatel-CRC, France

Evaluating the Performance Engineering Process
A. Schmietendorf, A. Scholz, and C. Rautenstrauch, University of Magdeburg, Germany

Design of a Performance Technology Infrastructure to Support the Construction of Responsive
E. Papaefstathiou, Microsoft Research Limited, UK

Using Regression Splines for Software Performance Analysis and Software Characterization
M. Courtois and M. Woodside, Carleton University, Canada

Towards a Common Process Model for Systems Development and Performance Engineering
Peter H. Hughes, NTNU, UK

Design and Performance Modeling of Component Interconnection Patterns for Distributed
Software Architectures
H. Gomaa and D. Menasce, George Mason University, USA

Software Performance Antipatterns
Connie Smith, Performance Engineering Services, USA, Lloyd Williams, Software Engineering Research, USA

A Pattern-Based Approach to Model Software Performance
J. Merseguer, J. Campos, and E. Mena, University of Zaragoza, Spain

Design Patterns in Performance Prediction
A. I. Verkamo, J. Gustafsson, L. Nenonen, and J. Paakki, University of Helsinki, Finland

How System Architectures Impede Interoperability
L. A. Davis, J. Payton, and R. Gamble, University of Tulsa, USA

Analytic Modeling  of Load Balancing Policies for Tasks with Heavy-tailed Distributions
A. Riska, E. Smirni, G. Ciardo, College of William and Mary, USA

An Analytic Model of Web Servers in Distributed Computing Environments
P. Reeser, AT&T, USA

Performance Analysis of a Transaction Based Software System with Shutdown
H. Okamura, T. Dohi, and S. Osaki, Hiroshima University, Japan

Performance Evaluation of an Enterprise JavaBean Server Implementation
C. Llado and P. Harrison, Imperial College, UK

Using Analytic Models for Predicting Middleware Performance
D. Petriu, Carleton University; H. Amer, Nortel Networks; S. Majumdar, Carleton University;
I. Abdull-Fatah, Nortel Networks, Canada

Characteristics of Scalability and Their Impact on Performance
A. Bondi, AT&T Labs, USA

Execution-Driven Performance Analysis for Distributed and Parallel Systems
T. Fahringer, University of Vienna; B. Scholz, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; X.
Sun, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Static Performance Prediction of Data-Dependent Programs
H. Gautama and A. J. C. van Gemund, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands