Public Domain Code

As time goes on, we will make simulation codes and protocol implementations available on this website. All software is provided "as is", i.e., we cannot promise to provide any help in installing, running, and debugging. Nevertheless, we trust/hope that you find the software helpful. If you use the code provided here for anything interesting, we would love to hear from you, please send an e-mail to

Simulation Software (based on NS2)

Patchfile for NS-2.27 on Fedora Core 4 (last updated March 2006)

We provide a patchfile to allow to compile NS-2.27 on Fedora Core 4. The patchfile was developed for the NS-2.27 version available for download from INRIA, including OLSR as a plugin. But by changing the filenames, and ignoring the OOLSR-specific patch, it works eqaully well for NS-2.27 as downloaded from the NS2 website. To install and test the patches, please read these instructions.

Service Location Protocol (last updated April 2005)

We implemented the User Agent and Service Agent functionality of the Service Location Protocol, based on RFC 2608: Service Location Protocol, Version 2 in NS-2.27. A Master's Thesis describing the basic motivation behind our work and more detail on the design decisions is available as PDF file The NS2 code is available as ZIP file, with Installation Instructions/User Manual. We also provide some scripts to run a number of scenarios as ZIP file, together with their Installation Instructions/User Manual.

Multicast Extensions for AODV (last updated March 2004)

We implemented the Multicast Extensions for AODV in NS-2.26. A technical report describing the implementation is available as PDF file, the modified source files are available as ZIP file, and some scripts to run MAODV are also available as ZIP file.

BCAST Implementation for NS2 (last updated March 2004)

We implemented a scalable broadcast protocol, which we call BCAST (for more information see below). Here you can access the NS2 version of that protocol, together with a much simpler flooding-based approach. This code (and some scripts to run a range of experiments and analyze the trace files) is available as gzipped tar file, this README file contains the installation instructions. A paper describing the BCAST protocol appeared in the 2003 Cascon Proceedings, a softcopy is available as postscript file. A more detailed description of our research on multicast/broadcast in MANETs is contained in this Technical Report.

Linux-based Protocol Implementations

OLSR Implementation for XORP (last updated December 2004)

We added OLSR, a link-state-based, proactive MANET routing protocol, to XORP, the eXtensible Open Router Platform. The OLSR implementation is for IPv6-based networks, and fully complies with RFC 3626: Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR). The original work was done by the Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Network Systems group at the Communications Research Centre Canada, a standalone version of that protocol can be downloaded from their software site. Installation instructions are available in this README file, the code itself is distributed as a gzipped tar file.

BCAST Implementation, based on XORP (last updated April 2004)

We implemented a scalable broadcast protocol, which we call BCAST, in Linux, based on the eXtensible Open Router Platform. The code is available as gzipped tar file, a README file provides a brief overview of the code and its organization. A report on the implementation is available as PDF document.

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