TimeBench is a CAD tool for the design of real-time systems. Its main features include:
  • a hybrid graphical/textual design description notation.
  • design experimentation through an embedded design interpreter and behaviour visualization techniques.
  • a performance analysis tool.
  • a code generation systems for Ada and C/JNX target environments (JNX is a real-time kernel for PCs).
  • The features of TimeBench are described in the paper TimeBench: a CAD tool for real-time system design. Further information can be found in the references.

    Sun Sparc Executables

    The binary version is available by anonymous FTP from ftp.sce.carleton.ca:/pub/timebench (address To get the software please "get bin.sun4.tar.Z"

    When logging in as "anonymous" please use your email address as the password.

    Environment: SUN SPARC/SUN-3 workstations running Sun OS 4.1.1. The sun3 version uses SunView but should work under OpenLook as well. The Sparc version uses X11 and should run using any window manager. Colour workstations are also supported.

    If you transfer any files from this directory, please send a mail message to "timebench-help@sce.carleton.ca". This will enable us to notify you of new revisions, bug fixes. For further information or help contact "timebench-help@sce.carleton.ca"

    Please let us know how you are using the software.

    greg <greg@sce.carleton.ca>
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