Tabu Search

Tabu search (TS) is an iterative procedure designed for the solution of optimization problems. TS was invented by Glover and has been used to solve a wide range of hard optimization problems such as job shop scheduling, graph colouring (related), the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the capacitated arc routing problem. A good description of the technique can be found here or here. An overview of the TS approach to scheduling problems can be found in:

J. W. Barnes, M. Laguna and F. Glover
     Intelligent Scheduling Systems, D. E. Brown and W. T. Scherer (Eds.),
     Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 101-127 (1995).

TS has been applied to the network design problem. For a description of the technique and its application to a number of problem domains read Tabu Search, the book. A large number of references to TS can be found here. Battiti's description of Reactive Tabu Search (RTS) can be found here. A number of TS papers related to telecommunications can be found here. Laguna's publications on TS can be found here. A thesis comparing various heuristic search techniques for object recognition can be found here.


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