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If you know some important Network Management links that are not on this page (e.g., regarding network management of mobile and wireless networks, network management of optical networks, or service management), please write an e-mail to: . Thank you.


The following courses are (or were recently) taught by proffessors from our research group. Web pages of the courses contain a lot of useful information.


Network Management


Java and Software Engineering

  • Sun's Java tutorial
  • ComponentSource White Papers
  • Software Patterns Home Page
  • UML Components - an on-line book
  • Artificial Intelligence

     Related research Web resources

     Network Management     NM Research Groups     Telecommunication Networks

                Agents   Artificial Intelligence     Java     Writing Papers and Preparing Presentations

    Network management

    Network management research groups

    There are a number of research groups (both in academia and industry) conducting research in network management and related topics. Here are some academia links:

    Telecommunication networks


    Artificial Intelligence


  • Sun's Java products
  • Jini takes advantage of Java technology. Jini consists of a small amount of Java code in class library form and some conventions to create a "federation" of Java virtual machines on the network, similar to the creation of a community today. Network citizens such as people, devices, data, and applications within this federation are dynamically connected to share information and perform tasks.
  • JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Gamelan Java programming source code and tutorial resource.
  • JavaOne conference presentation slides.
  • Club Java has some useful tutorials.
  • alphaWorks Technologies by IBM contains a number of applications of new technologies, most of them in Java.
  • Writing Papers and Preparing Presentations (in English)

  • Writing Systems and Networking Articles - great instructions, but also great links to other similar resources
  • ECOOP (European Conference for Object-Oriented Programming) - contains some advices for writing papers and preparing presentations
  • The Elements of Style - a little book (on-line version) with a lot of useful writing style tips
  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - an on-line dictionary

  •  Network Management products and business links

     Network Management Platforms  Java/Web-Based Network Management   AI-based Network Management

    Network Management Platforms

    Java/Web-Based Network Management

    Links to the pages of several network management products that seem to employ Java (e.g., for NM applets that are used to integrate data from existing legacy systems) or other Web technologies (like HTTP or XML):

    AI-based Network Management

    Links to the pages of several network management products that seem to employ some AI techniques:

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