Accounts and Passwords

How do I get an account?

The equipment on research network is funded by faculty members for their reseearch group and hence their authorization is required for use of research netwok. To get an account on the research network, fill out the Email and research account appliation form at Please let your advisor/supervisor know that are you are filling out the form as the completed form will be sent to faculty member for approval.

You can get an account on the LABS network if you are registered for a course in the current term or if you are a graduate student To get an account on the course network, please visit Course accounts are created by authenticaing with your "Cmail" account. The account login in LABS domain and your intial password will be the same as your Cmail credentials.

If you do not have a Carleton ID your course instuctor will send the student names to the technical support staff so the account can be created manually..

I have an account, but cannot login. Or where do I login?

The course accounts and research accounts are separate.

If you have a research account, please check with your advisor/supervisor about the computers you should use. For research use, you must use computers identified by your thesis supervisor. For course work, use the computers in rooms identified above.

If you are a graduate student, you can use the computers in LABS domain provided the computer is not used for a course work at that time. Create yourself an account on LABS network at Do NOT run long simulations on the LABS machines; course work have priority.

If you have a problem with your account, please send an email to with details of machine name and room number.

Do I have a perpetual account?

Research accounts are disabled/deleted when asked by the faculty member who authorized your account.

Course accounts are disabled at the end of the term. You re-activate them for the new term by following the account creation procedure again.

What about Email account?

Email accounts are created only for graduate students. These are created automatically when you apply for research account and are deleted when your research account is deleted.


There accounts are created when you apply for an account; MSWIN domain account, Linux account, and Email account. All accounts are created with same login and password.

To change your Windows MSWIN password, login to any machine in MSWIN domain and change the password by entering CTLR-ALT-DEL.
To change your Linux password, login to any Linux machine in the research network and enter 'yppasswd' command. UNIX machine sce-11 is available for general gruaduate use (remote connection only). NO SIMULATIONS.
To change your email password follow the highlighted link.