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V-Sim - Carleton University centre for Visualization and Simulation

Prof. Wainer is one of the participants in the Carleton University Centre for Advanced Studies in Visualization and Simulation (V-SIM). (Director: Dr. Chris Herdman, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science), a unique new interdisciplinary 400 square metre facility. A number of partners are involved in this project including Carleton University (Cognitive Science, Architecture, and Engineering), the University of Ottawa, 15 partners in industry and other research organizations.

Pictures after occupation date (January 2007)




Pictures of the construction site


  • December 22, 2006



  • November 6, 2006



  • September 10, 2006



  • July 10, 2005



  • August 12, 2005


  • September 8, 2005




Northwest View  South View 

New Campus Map and building plans

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