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Design and Implementation of Data Distribution Management in IEEE 1516 HLA/RTI

Jung Hyun Ahn, Jae Hyun Kim and Tag Gon Kim

Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2007 (SCSC 2007)
San Diego, California (USA), July 15-18, 2007


The Data Distribution Management (DDM) services, one category of HLA management services, control filters for data transmission and reception of data volume among simulators. In this paper, we propose design concept of DDM and show its implementation for light-weighted RTI. The design concept of DDM is to minimize total amount of message that each federate and a federation process generate using the rate of RTI service execution. The design of our proposed DDM follows that a data transfer mechanism is differently applied as the rate of RTI service execution. A federate usually publishes or subscribes data when it starts. The federate constantly updates the data and modifies associated regions while it continues to advance its simulation time. Therefore, the proposed DDM design provides fast update or region modification in exchange of complex publication and subscription. This paper describes how to process the proposed DDM and experiment a variety of scenarios while modifying a region, changing a overlap ratio, and increasing data volume.

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