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A real-time interface simulator for operatorís training: a proposed architecture

Charles SANTONI, Jean-Marc MERCANTINI, Maria Fatima VIEIRA TURNELL, Alexandre SCAICO and Josť ALVES

Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2007 (SCSC 2007)
San Diego, California (USA), July 15-18, 2007


Abstract : Operator training systems are essential tools for industrial systems, particularly for those where the human error impacts on human and materials safety beyond financial losses. The work presented here is part of major research project concerned with the study of operatorís behavior when facing safety critical situations. The application case concerns the supervisory control of an electricity distribution substation. This paper focuses in the first step of this project which consists in developing a real-time interface simulator of the supervisory control. It proposes an operator training simulator (OTS) architecture. The simulatorís purpose is to promote the operatorís immersion into a working environment close to the real one. This paper presents the simulatorís architecture, which is based upon a set of formal models interconnected to form the simulator engine. Those models were built using the Colored Petri Nets (CPN) formalism. The modular architecture allows for the remote interaction through the web and offers two interfaces with the plantís control system: a virtual reality representation of the man machine interface (MMI) and a supervisory system representation. This paper discusses the architecture aspects relevant to the simulation purposes.

Index Terms: Operator training systems (OTS), simulation engine architecture, Virtual reality, Petri nets, Human Interfaces, Industrial Automation.

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