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A PEBB-based Direct-Link Drive for Open-Ended AC Machines

Apurva Somani, Ranjan Gupta, Satish Thuta, Krushna Mohapatra and Ned Mohan

Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2007 (SCSC 2007)
San Diego, California (USA), July 15-18, 2007


A PEBB-based direct-link converter arrangement for the control of an open-ended three-phase machine is analyzed in this paper. The converter arrangement requires only 18 unidirectional switches as compared to 36 in the original two matrix converter based topology [1]. In this arrangement, a 6-switch converter is connected to the grid followed by two inverters that are connected to the stator windings of an open-end machine. The two inverters operate in phase opposition and they are controlled such that the common-mode voltage across each machine phase is zero. Also, the common-mode voltage switching at the machine terminals is eliminated. The input phase currents have 120- degree-conduction and thus have low order harmonics with unity displacement-power-factor (DPF). A low input current THD scheme is proposed for applications where multiple electric drives are connected to the grid.

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